BGT dog Miracle has Holly and Phil in hysterics as it runs off camera and jumps on sofa during This Morning interview


BRITIAN’S Got Talent dog Miracle had Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in hysterics as he runs off camera and jumps on the sofa in a chaotic This Morning interview.

Miracle melted hearts on Saturday’s BGT as owner Amanda revealed how the dog was rescued from the meat trade.

Miracle ran riot during the interview

However, the dog was more than lively during This Morning as he kept interrupting the owner.

Amanda apologised to the hosts as they laughed, saying: “I’m sorry, you can probably hear everything that’s going on in the background right now. I think they are both competing for attention.

“I’ve got Miracle in the background, I’ve also got Halo from China. So it’s cushion-tastic right now, being thrown around the room.”

As Amanda continued to explain how she rescued the dogs, Miracle demanded more attention and Phillip asked if we could see what was happening.

Holly and Phil asked to see what was happening off-screen
They couldn’t contain their laughter

Miracle then jumped onto the couch, then leapt from view – leaving Phil and Holly in more hysterics.

Amanda explained how the dog was actually helping her son, who has cerebral palsy and is non-verbal autistic.

The rescuer continued: “Kyle has cerebral palsy and he’s also autistic, he’s non-verbal. We kind of noticed that when Miracle came over because he was a very troubled dog, he was seeking solace in Kyle.

“And Kyle would make sounds and Miracle would respond. And Kyle was getting some kind of emotional support from Miracle.”

Miracle has been helping her son too

Dog rescuer Amanda and her beloved dog Miracle had the BGT judges and viewers at home in floods of tears with his story of being found barely alive in a cage destined to be killed and eaten on Saturday.

Amanda told the story of how Miracle was thought dead when rescuers first saw him in a cage but when they took a picture and the flash went off one of his eyes opened up.

It was this that saved Miracle’s life and inspired Amanda to rescue 18 more dogs from the meat trade.

A magic trick then saw the judges correctly pick out four of 40 of Amanda’s dogs’ pictures – before Miracle opened a door to reveal all four picks had joined him at the audition.

The dog amazed the judges on BGT

With the audience in tears it was left to judge Amanda Holden to praise her namesake.

She said: “I thought that was such a great act. We’re all dog lovers on this panel and I just applaud you – for the act year but also for taking care of all of those lost souls.”

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