First look as Britain’s Got Talent magician Kevin Quantum has brush with death when terrifying fire stunt goes wrong


BRITAIN’S Got Talent is bringing the drama tomorrow night as magician Kevin Quantum has a brush with death when his terrifying fire stunt goes wrong.

The contestant attempts to walk through a giant harmonic pendulum of fiery cannonballs with a bag over his head, so he can’t even see where the weights are flying.

Kevin attempts to walk through some swinging fiery balls

BGT fans are set to be on the edge of their seats as they’re treated to another death defying stunt – quite literally.

Judges David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, are left stunned by wacky scientist Kevin Quantum – who had stand-by doctors panicking as he approached the swinging ball of fire.

Gearing up for the trick he says to the audience: “I need complete faith in science to make this work.”

The trick, which sees him blindfolded, normally goes without a hitch.

Judge David can hardly watch as Kevin starts to walk
The cannon balls were set alight and started to swing

As the balls are released hosts Ant and Dec, who are watching from the sidelines, ask: “Is that right? It doesn’t look right.”

While Simon says in astonishment: “He’s crazy”.

Viewers will have to wait and see what happens next but it’s not the first time Kevin has performed the trick.

However, this time in front of show’s judges in Manchester, the heavy metal pendulum balls came out of sync increasing the likelihood of hitting him.

A member of the audience can barely watch
Simon said he thought Kevin was crazy

To add to the drama, Kevin – who has a PhD in physics – revealed to the awestruck audience that his pregnant wife was just ten days away from giving birth.

A TV insider said: “It’s a routine Kevin has clearly done hundreds of times before, but as he began to walk blindfolded through the pendulum, one of the balls got out of sync and it became very risky.

“Not only were they on fire, but they weigh a huge amount.

“The judges couldn’t believe it when he said his wife was about to drop too.

“He nearly did not make it back to her.

“Kevin is a very lucky boy.”

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