Racist Bulgaria fans abuse Englands black stars with monkey chants and Nazi salutes

Racist Bulgarian fans abuse England’s footballers with monkey chants

RACIST Bulgaria fans on Monday night abused England’s black stars with monkey chants and Nazi salutes.

The Euro 2020 qualifier in Sofia was stopped twice because of the disgraceful scenes.

Bulgarian fans started targeting our black stars with Nazi salutes minutes into the game

Much of the sickening abuse was aimed at Raheem Sterling who scored twice in Englands 6-0 victory.

It comes days after Bulgaria’s football chief insisted the teams fans were not bigots.

Bulgarian yobs targeted our black stars with monkey noises and Nazi salutes after England took the lead seven minutes into the game.

Croatian referee Ivan Bebek first stopped the match in the 28th minute after England skipper Harry Kane protested at the abuse directed towards Sterling.

Raheem Sterling celebrates his goal in the Euro 2020 qualifier with Kieran Trippier
Sterling, who scored twice in Englands 6-0 victory, was targeted with racist abuse

A stadium announcement then condemned the abuse and warned the match would be abandoned if it continued.

The warning had little effect and the game had to be stopped again in the 43rd minute.

It restarted again after the referee consulted with England manager Gareth Southgate.

Travelling England fans responded angrily to the racism by chanting at the Bulgarian yobs: You know what you are you racist b*******.

Harry Kane complained about the abuse to referee Ivan Bebek, who had to stop the match
The Croatian referee and a UEFA delegate consulted with England manager Gareth Southgate

As England supporters sang the National Anthem, angry Bulgarian thugs responded with Nazi salutes and offensive gestures.

Sections of Sofias Levski Stadium had been closed after Bulgaria were sanctioned for racist chanting during qualifiers against Kosovo and the Czech Republic.

On Monday night a group of fans dressed in black behind a Lauta Army banner appeared to be the source of the worst abuse.

After the game England fans told of their disgust at the behaviour and praised match officials for stopping the game.

England fans chanted back at vile Bulgarian yobs: ‘You racist b*******’
The national side ‘was right to make a stand’, travelling Three Lions fans said

Carol Perrin, 54, a nurse from Stockton-on-Tees, Co Durham, said: I think there comes a time when you must make a stand. If you play on and then the authorities fine the Bulgarian FA, I don’t think it makes any difference.

This way you get the message across. It is about a principle. You have to put yourself in the black players shoes. Imagine how they feel? Being abused from the terraces is just terrible.

Paul Bates, 43, said: We were right to call their fans out and make a stand. Before kick-off Bulgaria coach Krasimir Balakov shrugged off racism accusations, saying it was worse in England.

He added: I don’t think we have a problem.

In the Bulgarian championship, we have a lot of players of different ethnicities and skin colour. I don’t think we have this big problem like, for example, England do.

England fan death

AN unidentified England fan died in hospital on Monday after he was found collapsed in Sofia.