Dancing On Ice in new ‘sexism’ row after shock semi-final skate-off


DANCING On Ice has been thrown into a ‘sexism’ row after a shock semi-final skate-off between Amber Davies and Adele Roberts.

Amber was eliminated from the contest just one week before the final, which is set to air on Sunday.

Dancing On Ice has been thrown into a new ‘sexism’ row

This came after Amber Davies was sent home from the competition

This means that Adele is the last woman in the show and in the final.

Fans voiced their complaints on Digital Spy about women having fewer opportunities to win the show.

One user wrote: “Amber went and Adele was in a skate off, also a woman hasn’t won the show since 2013.”

Another added: “Don’t know why women enter this competition, they haven’t a cat in hell’s chance against the Facebook mums who just vote the fit men into the final.”

“When did a woman last win?!,” exclaimed a third.

Whilst a fourth added: “Shocked to see Amber and Adele in the skate off. Glad Adele made the final. She’s one of the best skaters.”

Another user elaborated on the reasons they believe women haven’t had equal opportunities. They expressed: “As the show format has changed, the opportunity for the women to compete has been diluted because men will seem more impressive because they have a more difficult job particularly when they are from a non performing background.

“Because we have lost the mandatory weekly challenges, we lose the chance to see the women compete and progress on the actual skating side, and that isn’t their fault, it’s because the show is formatted that way.

“Instead of 4 skating judges and 1 performance judge, the 50/50 judging panel doesn’t focus as heavily on what is perceived to be the vital element of the show.”

The three other finalists are Greg Rutherford, Miles Nazaire and Ryan Thomas.

Amber and Adele Roberts had a skate-off

Adele is now the only woman in the competition

The finalists are now Greg Rutherford, Miles Nazaire, Ryan Thomas and Adele