Greg Rutherford returns to social media to reveal grisly Dancing on Ice scar and shows off ‘insane swelling’ after op


GREG Rutherford shocked fans tonight by revealing his grisly Dancing on Ice scar.

The former Olympian left fans worried earlier this week when he ‘vanished’ from social media, but he returned tonight with a health update.

Greg Rutherford has revealed his stomach scar after abdominal surgery
Greg missed out on the Dancing on Ice final due to a freak injury

Greg had a lot of abdominal swelling after his procedure

Sharing pictures of his stomach scar now as well as shortly after his operation last month, he wrote on Instagram: “A little stomach update…

“I’m almost 4 weeks post op now and feeling so much better. I can move around with almost no feeling of pain and the wound has now closed and healed. Pic 2 shows the insane swelling I initially had ?

“I can’t tense my abs properly still, but that’s coming. I also managed to put a ton of weight on since the op, so as soon as I’m ready I’ll be training to get myself trim again… maybe even back on skates.”

Greg needed surgery after his abdominal muscles were torn open.

He had been practising a move where he slid through the legs of Brendyn Hatfield and Colin Grafton when the incident happened.

His fiancée Susie Verrill recently revealed how he is doing in an Instagram Story.

She joked: “Since Greg Rutherford is the one laid up in bed I have to do things like stand out in the rain and meet tradesmen with their deliveries.

“Hadn’t practised my talking-to-a-builder voice in a while so at least there’s that.”

Before he got stomach surgery he told fans: “I’ve been a bit busy and obviously just recovering from the initial injury before I have the surgery that I hadn’t actually got round to talking about it.

“Long story short, I leapt through the legs of Brendyn and Colin and managed to tear all of my abs as well as herniate.

“So I effectively gave myself a C-section.”

Once doctors had stitched him up the retired Olympian added: “It was a slightly bigger op than originally hoped, but it’s all sorted.

“Surgeon’s really happy with his work and I’m excited to get fit again.

“But for the next few days I’m going to be very sore and doing a lot of nothing.”