Dancing on Ice set for never seen before twists ahead of final and signs a huge pop legend to perform


DANCING on Ice is promising a whole hosts of twists and turns ahead of this series’ final.

And to add to the excitement bosses have signed a huge pop legend to perform on the programme.

Dancing on Ice has tricks up its sleeve ahead of the series final

Creative director Dan Whiston revealed a huge pop star has signed up to perform on the show

There’s now just three weeks left of the competition and the standard is incredibly high.

The run down to finale will be anything but ordinary and creative director Dan Whiston has teased some big surprises.

In an exclusive interview with the Sun, he said: “There’s going to be lots of twists and turns to the format in the next three weeks, it’s not just a straight-forward competition. There’s lots of things that are going to happen.

“I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s not going to be your normal route to the final, there’s all sorts of twists and turns that are going to happen, and also we’ve just confirmed a huge pop star coming in that’s gonna be performing for us, which is massive for us.

“So we’re super excited about this massive pop legend that’s coming in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled.”

Last week there was a dramatic, unplanned twist that left show bosses scrambling backstage.

Olympian Greg Rutherford, 37, pulled his groin in rehearsals just hours before he was due to take to the ice with partner Vanessa James.

Both the medical and choreography teams frantically worked to get him ready for showtime, and he came very close to missing the programme altogether.

Dan said: “Last week the show went to absolute turmoil. A few hours before the live show he injured himself quite badly, so much so I was having emergency meeting with the bosses saying ‘what are we going to do? Is he going to be able to skate?’

“It got so close to the line that the public were actually coming into the studio and sitting down while I was still working with him, testing him, to see if he was going to be fit to skate, alongside our physio Sharon.”

Despite the setback, the pair scored an impressive 31.5 and tied for third place.

The injury is still causing Greg problems though, and he’s having to draw on all his experience to soldier on.

Dan continued: “Luckily our physio is amazing and managed to turn it round so he could perform last week. But it does have a mental effect on you, it does knock you, but he’s an athlete so if anyone is going to get injured Greg knows how to deal with it. He knows how to deal with his body and he knows how to deal with his mind as well. He’s very determined, very focused and we’re very grateful to the team this week.

“So we’re just hoping it doesn’t hold him back in some ways because there’s certain things you can’t do with this injury so we’ve had to choreograph around him almost but he’s still delivering a great routine and won’t let it stand in his way.”

Greg Rutherford’s injury had bosses scrambling in an emergency meeting
Greg and Vanessa James stilled finished high up the leaderboard