Seven ways to save money on your daily cuppa as tea and milk prices drop


Bagging a bargain just got easier with the recent decrease in tea and milk prices. Cheaper cuppas are on the horizon, giving everyone a reason to smile.

Communi-tea Events

Fancy a free cuppa and a friendly chat? Hungry Horse pubs are hosting Communi-tea Cuppas events to combat loneliness and offer guests two free cups of Yorkshire Tea.

Go Green with Reusable Infusers

Instead of tea bags, opt for a reusable tea infuser like the Ikea Idealisk for just £1. Fill it with loose leaf tea for a more sustainable and cost-effective brew.

Buy in Bulk

Purchasing tea in larger quantities can save you money in the long run. Look for retailers offering discounts on bulk tea purchases to maximize your savings per cup.

Free Cuppa with MyWaitrose

Sign up as a free MyWaitrose member online and enjoy a complimentary cuppa at Waitrose when you bring your reusable cup and scan your membership card.

Save Energy

Boil only the water you need for your tea and store any leftover hot water in a thermal flask for future cups to save on energy costs.

Reuse Tea Leaves

Don't discard used tea bags right away. Many teas, especially loose leaf varieties, can be steeped multiple times for continued flavor. Give your second cuppa a slightly longer brew time for full extraction.

Get Creative with Flavors

Instead of buying flavored blends, experiment with ingredients you already have at home. Add lemon juice, honey, or cinnamon to black tea for a unique twist on your usual cuppa.

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Cheap treat

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