Fuming I’m A Celeb Viewers Blast the Show Over ‘Awful’ Feature as They Beg for Change


I’m A Celebrity made its highly anticipated return last night, but it seems that not all fans were impressed with one particular feature of the show. As a new group of campmates entered the Australian jungle during the launch episode, viewers took to social media to express their frustration with the frequent interruptions caused by advertisements. The excessive ad breaks left many feeling annoyed and wishing for a change.

Too Many Adverts!

As the show introduced the likes of Nigel Farage and Danielle Harold, viewers couldn’t help but notice the constant interruptions in the form of advertisements. Taking to social media, fans voiced their dissatisfaction with the excessive number of ad breaks. One disgruntled viewer exclaimed, “How many bloody adverts?!” Another lamented, “1hr 45 minute show, and 1hr 43 has been adverts.” It seems that the lengthy commercial breaks have left many feeling frustrated and eager for less interruption during their favorite reality TV program.

Early Departure?

Not only did viewers express their annoyance with the constant ads, but they also took to social media to plead for the departure of one particular campmate. Nella Rose, who embarked on her first trial alongside Nigel Farage and This Morning’s Josie Gibson, received a barrage of criticism for her excessive screaming. Fans expressed their desire for her to be the first to leave the show, with one person stating, “Nella, please be first out.” Another viewer commented, “Sorry that Nella has to go, all that screaming is OTT.” It seems that Nella’s high-pitched shrieks have already started to wear thin on some viewers.

What’s Next?

Despite the complaints, the show must go on. And tonight’s episode promises to be an interesting one as Nella and Nigel face the first eating challenge of the series. In the dreaded Bushtucker Trial ‘Jungle Pizzeria,’ the duo will have to stomach a variety of unpleasant dishes. Will they be able to conquer their fears and emerge victorious? Tune in tonight to find out!