Sam Thompson Reunites with Jungle Bestie Tony Bellew on Night Out in Liverpool with Pete Wicks


Reality TV star Sam Thompson, known for his appearance on “I’m A Celebrity,” was spotted having a fun-filled night out in Liverpool with his jungle best friend Tony Bellew and close pal Pete Wicks. The trio seemed overjoyed to be reunited as they partied in the vibrant city.

The Excitement of the Reunion

In a lift selfie, Sam couldn’t hide his excitement as he teased his followers with the question, “Guess who we’re going to see? 🤣😂❓” Meanwhile, Sam filmed himself playfully sneaking up on Tony, who was completely unaware of his friend’s presence. The two friends shared heartfelt hugs and joyful moments throughout the night.

A Special Bond Formed in the Jungle

During their time on “I’m A Celebrity,” Sam and Tony developed a strong bond. Sam often expressed his admiration for Tony, even giving him the affectionate nickname “Teddy T.” The duo would frequently embrace and enjoy each other’s company, both in the jungle and after the show ended.

An Instagram Post That Spoke Volumes

Shortly after the conclusion of the show, Sam took to Instagram to share a funny post about missing Tony. In the post, Sam sent Tony his first voice note, expressing his struggle to cope without his beloved friend. Tony later shared a cryptic post on his own page, highlighting the importance of true friendship.

Sam’s voice note and Tony’s response left fans of “I’m A Celebrity” in stitches, as they witnessed the depth of their bond and the genuine joy they brought to each other’s lives.

Sam assured Tony that he had been sleeping well and jokingly mentioned that Tony didn’t need to respond with a voice note, a text would suffice. He also hinted at an upcoming visit to Liverpool, excited to reunite with his friend once again.

The night out in Liverpool served as a testament to the enduring friendship between Sam Thompson and Tony Bellew. Their bond, which began in the jungle, continues to thrive in the real world.

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