Grace Dent Spotted for the First Time Since Leaving I’m A Celebrity


Grace Dent Rushed to the Airport

Grace Dent has been photographed for the first time since her surprising departure from the jungle. The food critic, 50, was seen wearing blue jeans and a black vest top as she hurriedly made her way to the airport. It seems she was eager to put some distance between herself and the jungle.

Medical Grounds

Grace Dent left the show on medical grounds after being voted to participate in her fourth bushtucker trial. A show spokesperson expressed regret at her departure, stating that she was a beloved campmate who will be missed by both fellow celebrities and viewers.

Grace’s Decision to Quit

Fans believe that Grace’s decision to quit came after she was voted to do her fourth trial in a row. She had been facing criticism for her “lack of effort” during a group trial, which prompted viewers to vote for her to do more trials. After expressing her frustration to fellow contestant Josie Gibson, Grace ultimately decided she had had enough and wanted to go home.

Tough Time in the Jungle

Grace had a challenging experience in the jungle, facing a lack of sleep, good food, and being away from her family. The grueling trials this year, especially the Scarena series, pushed her to her breaking point. Despite her struggles, Grace had some success in the Touchdown of Terror trial and shared laughs over Nigel Farage’s antics.

Concerns for Grace’s Health

Viewers expressed concern for Grace’s health, with some stating that she appeared ill on the show. Despite needing medical attention when a cockroach crawled into her ear, Grace remained determined and doubted herself less after a victorious trial.