How I’m a Celeb South Africa stars could cash in with TV, fashion & West End deals as Janice Dickinson reveals next move


THEY’VE already enjoyed a publicity boost from I’m a Celeb, but these All Stars could seriously cash in after the show too.

This week, model Janice Dickinson showed exactly how she plans to capitalise on the South Africa series by announcing the release of a new music track.

I’m A Celebs fan favourites return for the All Stars series filmed in South Africa
Hosts Ant and Dec welcomed the All Stars to the jungle at the start of the series on Monday night

But the all-star show is set to turbocharge the career of all 14 contestants, according to one PR expert. 

Carla Speight says the stars’ strong personalities could either make them national treasures or pantomime baddies. 

But either way they are set to enjoy another 15 minutes of fame and a serious boost to their bank balances, 

From becoming the next Salt Bae to propping up the Loose Women panel, we take a look at what’s in store for the jungle dwellers. 

Amir Khan – New ‘Salt Bae’

Amir Khan could see a new career as a celebrity foodie after stealing strawberries in 2017

Amir Khan caused a jungle rumble in 2017 when he convinced Iain Lee to keep a food prize all to themselves – rather than sharing with their campmates. 

The pair guzzled the strawberries and cream, before guilt-laden Iain confessed to other contestants. 

Carla said: “If Amir behaves like he did the last time he was in the jungle, he’s definitely going to cause a stir. 

“A repeat of strawberry-gate could offer him opportunities in the food and hospitality industries, including brand ambassador deals, appearances on cooking shows and more, which would be worth thousands. 

“We know he likes the finer things in life. Perhaps he could become the next Salt Bae phenomenon and open his own luxury restaurants.”

Carol Vorderman – Fashion collab

Carol’s bikini bod could see her take her pick from retailers to work with

Carol Vorderman came in eighth place when she last ventured into the jungle in 2017. 

This series the 62-year-old has already been stunning viewers by looking smoking hot in bikinis. 

And Carla believes the former rear of the year winner could get some serious mileage out of her youthful style.

She said: “Brands like Boohoo, Oh Polly, and In The Style all have the opportunity here to make waves in the fashion industry by collaborating with Carol. 

“They’re well known for advertising to younger women in the fashion market, but this could be a huge opportunity for them to attract a new audience with the money to spend on a sustainable range with them. 

“Though they’d better act fast before UK highstreet icons like M&S, or even the fashion giants in the supermarkets such as F&F, Tu clothing and George get a deal signed with her.”

Phil Tufnell – Quiz show king

Phil Tufnell won’t be out of the panel show game for long

Former England cricketer Phil Tufnell marked his retirement in 2003 by bowling into the Australian jungle. 

This time he’s signed up to the show off the back of his axing from BBC show A Question of Sport. 

Carla believes his cheeky character and his camaraderie with Shaun Ryder will make him a favourite on comedy panel shows.

She said: “Given how funny he is, there’s potential for him to take his expert-level quiz show abilities over to hit comedy panel shows such as 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, Big Fat Quiz Of The Year.

“Or he could even host his own chat show.”

Fatima Whitbread – Heartwarming heroine

Former javelin champ Fatima Whitbread is set to warm the nation’s hearts

Retired javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread is set to pierce our hearts in this series, says Carla.

Abandoned as a baby and brought up in care, hardy Fatima is unlikely to be fazed by the wilderness. 

And her resilience is sure to be a hit with TV producers and fundraisers alike. 

Carla said: “Fatima has one of the most inspirational stories of the contestants on I’m a Celeb, which won the hearts of fans from her original appearance and most recent appearance on Celeb SAS. 

“Not only will she stand to get thousands in fees for TV appearances off the back of the show, but she will also raise huge awareness for abandoned babies and the charity Action For Children.”

Helen Flanagan – West End diva

Ex Corrie actress Helen Flanagan could be set for a West End career according to Carla Speight

Former Corrie actress Helen Flanagan was a hit in her original series thanks to her bikini shower. 

Never one to let an opportunity pass her by, newly single Helen will no doubt use the show to reboot her acting career. 

But her big social media following could spell some lucrative brand deals too, says Carla. 

She said: “If she utilises her acting skills, we could see her move into other, more lucrative and diverse acting roles, such as a drama series or a West End show. 

“She also has the opportunity to tap into the new following she will gain from the viewers of I’m A Celeb. 

“Combined with her existing following, she could access a variety of six-figure brand deals in fashion. beauty and lifestyle too.”

Shaun Ryder – Specs appeal

Shaun Ryder could make a mint from a sunglasses collaboration with designers

Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder is set for a career in designer accessories thanks to his love of sunnies. 

The Mancunian legend – who came in second in 2010 – could capitalise on his distinct love of sunglasses and a resurgence of Madchester style. 

Carla said: “Deals with fashion houses such as Stone Island and Nigel Cabourn have done well for the likes of Liam Gallagher, who incidentally is the founder of fashion giant Pretty Green.

“Shaun could become the founder of his own fashion label, which could earn him millions. 

“He also loves a good pair of sunglasses, so he could either partner with a giant in the world of sunglasses such as RayBan, Tom Ford or Police. 

“Or he could make millions with his own iconic range.”

Jordan Banjo – Influencer

Jordan’s radio career will get a boost from his appearance on All Stars

Diversity star Jordan Banjo already has a great radio career with KISS but his latest stint could be a real power move. 

Carla believes Jordan could follow in the footsteps of BBC’s Jordan North who appeared on the show in 2021.

Carla said: “I’m a Celeb could take Jordan’s career to new heights, as it did for Jordan North.

“He could feature on our screens presenting more shows and appearing on others, alongside growing his followers and attracting lucrative brand deals worth thousands. 

“We can definitely expect to see Jordan use this opportunity to rise in the ranks of celebrity and reach the heights his brother Ashley has, if not beyond that.”

Paul Burrell – Coronation payday

Former butler Paul Burrell has timed his appearance well to take advantage of the Coronation

Princess Diana’s butler Paul Burrell made headlines with his cringeworthy Bushtucker challenge in 2004. 

But with the King’s Coronation approaching, the royal commentator could get his teeth into tours, TV appearances and books.

Carla said: “He’s clearly there in a well-timed headline grab, given everything that’s currently going on in the Royal Family. 

“Perhaps another book deal is already in the works and this is definitely going to get him more TV appearances, especially during the Coronation, both of which are worth thousands of pounds.

“He could also set up his own ‘in conversation with’ styled tour that could be worth millions in ticket sales if it’s positioned properly.” 


Toff might want to branch out into making documentaries, says Carla

Made in Chelsea alum Georgia “Toff” Toffolo won her series in 2017 by always keeping fans guessing.

The savvy social media star could also capitalise on her interest in politics and friendship with past campmate Stanley Johnson.

Carla said: “It would be great to see her do some documentary-styled shows.

“She is a really engaging and endearing character who could really bring out the important messages and special things about the subjects she talks about. 

Janice Dickinson – Loose Woman

With her acid tongue, Janice Dickinson would be at home on a panel or chat show

From catwalks to cat fights, controversial model Janice Dickinson brought the drama when she appeared in 2007. 

And now she’s not pulling any punches in this series either – sensationally branding Naomi Campbell “ a b***h”.

But Carla believes this could make her a chat show favourite. 

She said: “She’s great entertainment, regardless of how she behaves. 

“This latest stint in the I’m A Celeb camp could rejuvenate her TV career. She’s certainly opinionated enough for the likes of Lorraine, This Morning, and Loose Women.”

Gillian McKeith – Wellness guru

Gillian McKeith could remarket herself as a wellness or self-care guru

Known for You Are What You Eat, Gillian McKeith went viral with her fainting episodes when she was last in the jungle. 

But now back in the age of wellness and self-care, Carla says the nutritionist is set to restore her rep and cash in. 

Carla said: “She’s already proving that this time she is a little wiser about the way the public perceives you in the camp and is definitely more conscious of that. 

“As a holistic nutritionist and presenter, I think Gillian stands to do quite well from this, if she manages to repair the damage to her reputation, done last time she was on the show. 

“She could be back on our screens as a credible expert in nutrition and diets. Her wellness and weight loss club stands to do really well too.”

Roving reporter

Corrie actor Andy could find a special spot on daytime telly as a reporter

Andy Whyment was a fan favourite of 2019 and narrowly missed out on being crowned King of the Jungle. 

He sang his way into the hearts of the nation and became as loved off-screen as he was on screen playing Kirk on Coronation Street. 

Now his infectious personality could be put to good use on daytime telly, says Carla. 

She said: “I expect we will see more of Andy on our TVs after this as he could be a great roving reporter for the likes of This Morning, or become a regular guest on Steph’s packed Lunch.”

Myleene Klass – Podcast host

Body positive Myleene could land herself a great podcasting gig

Myleene Klass made the jungle shower a yearly tradition – with her white bikini in 2006.

Now in her 40s her body confidence and likeability factor could pave the way for a beauty line, and even a positivity podcast. 

Carla said: “Her self-confidence and self-awareness shine through as she shares who she really is with the I’m a Celeb campmates and audience. 

“She could move into podcasts too and secure a lucrative commission from the likes of BBC Sounds, Amazon, Apple and even Spotify.

“It’s great to see how Myleene has grown more comfortable in her skin since her last appearance on I’m a Celeb and this series will do really well for showing the industry how far she has come.”