I’m A Celeb Accused of Being ‘Set Up’ to Keep Fred Sirieix in Jungle


Fans Claim Show Rigged to Favor First Dates Star

The popular reality show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, is facing fresh controversy as fans accuse the show of being ‘set up’ to keep Fred Sirieix in the jungle. During last night’s episode, the First Dates star managed to secure seven out of nine stars in the Celebrity Distressing Rooms Bushtucker Trial. However, some viewers felt that Fred was given an easy challenge and question the fairness of the show.

Easy Trial or Rigged?

In the trial, Fred had to navigate through various rooms filled with challenges to collect stars for the camp. These challenges included a Dame Judi Stench room with rotten food, a Rat Damon’s room filled with rodents, and a Pecklan Donnelly room packed with pigeons. While Fred missed out on only two stars, many viewers took to social media to express their belief that the show was rigged in his favor.

One fan tweeted, “yeah omg its a fix guys!!! #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity,” while another wrote, “It’s a fix…easy trial & A&D telling him where they are!…he still missed a few but they can’t all get 9 stars…let me guess Fred will be safe tonight too? Smh.”

Ant and Dec, the show’s hosts, were also criticized for allegedly giving Fred hints about the star locations. Another viewer chimed in, “ant and dec basically just telling fred where the stars are and we’re supposed to believe nella was the one with a trial rigged lmaooo.”

Drama in the Jungle

This isn’t the first time Fred has found himself in the center of controversy during his time in the jungle. Fans have noticed two new feuds in camp involving the First Dates star. The first feud arose when Fred’s role as head chef was replaced by Josie Gibson, who was promoted last week. Fred had to take on the task of washing up instead.

Last night, Fred didn’t hold back as he critiqued the cooking skills of a fellow campmate from This Morning. He said, “There’s no method, there’s no technique – she just wings it and invents it as she goes along. It’s better if I look away and stay away from the kitchen because that just drives me crazy.”

Additionally, Fred clashed with Nella Rose early on in the series. The disagreement occurred when the pair were discussing age, and Fred remarked that he could be old enough to be Nella’s father. Nella, who had previously shared her experience of losing her father, confronted Fred about his comment the following day.

As the show continues, viewers will be eager to see if any further controversies arise and how Fred Sirieix navigates the drama in the jungle.