I’m a Celeb Fans Believe Comment from Campmate Led to Jamie Lynn Spears Quitting Show


I’m A Celebrity fans are convinced that a comment made by one of the campmates caused Jamie Lynn Spears to leave the show. The 32-year-old US star departed the camp on “medical grounds” after a challenging few days.

Comment Sparks Controversy

During Tuesday night’s episode, Sam Thompson referred to Jamie Lynn as the “girl who cried wolf” as she threatened to quit. Fans believe that this particular comment played a significant role in Jamie Lynn’s decision to walk away from the show.

Reactions on Social Media

Following Jamie Lynn’s defiant insistence that she wasn’t crying wolf and her subsequent departure, fans took to social media to express their opinions. One person wrote, “Jamie Lynn said ‘The boy who cried wolf, my s**’ and dipped.” Another commented, “Jamie Lynn really said I ain’t the girl who cried wolf.” Others speculated that Sam’s remark contributed to Jamie Lynn’s departure, with one person stating, “I feel like Sam caused that by calling her the girl who cried wolf,” and another adding, “Jamie Lynn left. I reckon Sam saying she was crying wolf had a bit to do with it.”

Jamie Lynn’s Struggles in the Jungle

Jamie Lynn, the sister of pop star Britney, visibly struggled during her time in the jungle. She almost quit the show just two days after arriving in camp. In Tuesday night’s episode, Jamie Lynn was seen in the camp phone box attempting to call her family. When she realized the phone couldn’t make outgoing calls, she expressed her frustration, saying, “I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much, I hate it here so much. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it here.”

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