Im a Celeb fans slam Ian Wright as he refuses to do another Bushtucker Trial after sweary rant


IAN WRIGHT fell foul of I’m A Celeb fans yet again as he voiced his displeasure after completing another Bushtucker trial.

The former England striker said he couldn’t face any more trials despite picking up seven stars on Sunday night.

I’m a Celeb fans slam Ian Wright as he refuses to do another Bushtucker Trial

Earlier in the episode, Ian took on the latest Bushtucker trial called the Hell-Evator, which saw him go down into a basement.

There were three different floors and each one contained a room that the 56-year-old had to search in order to find stars.

Of course, the footballer turned pundit was not alone, as he was joined by snakes, rats and fifty huntsman spiders just to name a few.

Once Ian located the stars, he had to untie them from some string, which proved very difficult to do.

Unimpressed with his frustration of being unable to claim some stars, Wrighty did manage to grab seven stars out of a possible eleven.

Ian has a conversation with Andrew, who is the latest celeb to leave the show

Speaking to Andrew Maxwell after the trial, Ian said:“I literally can’t face another trial.”

But viewers at home weren’t happy with his comments as one said: “Very disappointed on Ian appearance on this series… All he’s done is moan more than the laughing Ian.. Also moans when picked for a trial, I mean this is the whole point of the jungle show people vote for trials… ”

And one more said: “I’m just catching up but Ian is such a baby isn’t he?! He does bad at the trial and just blames the fact “the knots were too tight””

Ian looks terrified as he battled the Hell-Evator

It comes after viewers were left confused when Ian was bleeped for swearing despite the show being live on Saturday night.

Moments after they left, the celebrities started to offer Ian, 56, words of encouragement but he shut them down, saying: “Don’t….I don’t want to…don’t pamper me…”

The rest of his sentence was then bleeped out, while the ‘Live’ logo continued to be shown in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to question how it was possible to bleep the sportsman when the show was live.

One wrote: “How did they manage to sensor Ian there when it was live? #ImACeleb #ImACelebrity.”

Ian was chosen for the next Bush Tucker Trial at the end of tonight’s show
As Ian spoke his words were bleeped out despite the Live logo being in the bottom left corner

Another tweeted: “How was that live if they censored out the profanity?”

A third: “Watching Im a celebrity and it says Live…. Ian swore and they managed to bleep it out… cant be live then.”

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “If #ImACeleb is live, how did they know Ian Wright was going to swear!? Clearly there’s a delay as they just bleeped out his swearing.”