I’m a Celeb feud escalates as Nella Rose and Nigel Farage clash again over ‘cultural appropriation’ row


The ongoing feud

The feud between Nella Rose and Nigel Farage continues to escalate as they clash once again over the issue of cultural appropriation. The pair first clashed earlier in the week and attempts to clear the air have been unsuccessful.

Dismissive comments

During their conversation, Nella expressed her disappointment with Nigel’s comments on cultural appropriation, stating that he made a joke of it. She emphasized that they have different perspectives and will never fully understand each other’s issues and struggles.

Understanding cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation refers to the adoption of elements from another culture that is not one’s own. This can include ideas, symbols, practices, and more, taken out of their original context.

A crime or a joke?

The disagreement arose when the campmates discussed cultural appropriation and the Jamaican patois pronunciation of water. Nigel commented that if a white person imitates a black accent, it is considered a crime. Nella challenged Nigel to explain his statement, to which he responded that those who imitate a black accent should be “cancelled.” Nella argued that context matters and that it depends on whether the imitation is meant to be disrespectful or not.

A “can’t win territory”

Nigel further explained that dressing up as a different culture at a fancy dress party can also be considered cultural appropriation. He referred to it as a “can’t win territory.”

Disappointment and confrontation

Nella expressed her disappointment in Nigel’s views on cultural appropriation. She had previously questioned why black people don’t like him, leading to an argument about immigration. Despite agreeing to move on, tensions remained high. Additionally, Nella had a heated exchange with Fred Sirieix after he made a comment about her deceased parents. This conflict resulted in nearly 900 Ofcom complaints.

The ongoing clashes

Nella Rose has found herself at the center of multiple arguments during her time on the show.

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