I’m A Celeb South Africa viewers slam star for ‘ruining the fun’ in camp


I’M a Celebrity viewers have hit out at one of the campmates and accused them of “ruining the fun” of the show.

During Sunday night’s episode of I’m a Celeb South Africa the stars worked together in a water challenge called Plug It in order to win treats for camp.

Fans have hit out at Fatima for taking the latest challenge too seriously
The celebs had to work together to win treats for camp

But it seems former athlete Fatima Whitbread was taking the task a little too seriously as fans slammed her for her attitude towards the others.

Fatima was seen telling her co-stars: “Don’t mess around. Shut up your losing us the chance to win the treat.

“You know what they say your only as good as your last performance.”

She later said: “I saw it as my job to tell everyone to shut up and concentrate.”

However viewers weren’t so sure.

One wrote on Twitter: “Fatima is way too strict. She needs to have more fun in camp.”

Another said: “Fatima needs to lighten up a bit she ruins the fun atmosphere with this group.”

And a third added: “Fatima is so miserable.”

Fatima was previously left furious after some of her campmates confessed to smuggling in contraband.

She was seen raging: “Rules are rules!”

Fatima added: “I don’t agree with people being let off the hook.”