I’m A Celeb Sparks Controversy as Fans Claim Trial was “Highly Unfair” for Nella Rose


Viewers Accuse Show of Giving Nella an “Easy” Ride

Fans of the hit ITV show, I’m A Celebrity, have expressed their outrage over the latest trial, claiming that YouTube star Nella Rose had an unfair advantage.

In the trial, Nella and Sam Thompson were tasked with working together underwater to win 10 stars for the camp’s dinner. While Sam had to swim to a box representing the correct answer and unscrew the stars, Nella remained in her pod and read out questions for Sam to answer correctly.

However, fans have questioned the fairness of the trial, with many claiming that Nella had an “easy” time compared to Sam. Social media was flooded with comments expressing frustration over the producers’ decision on who does what in each trial.

One viewer wrote, “Trust Nella to get the easy part of that challenge,” while another speculated, “I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a way of the producers making up for the fact that her part was unfairly harder in her trial with Grace.”

The controversy sparked further debate about gender roles in the camp. Nella’s comments about men doing all the work in camp during Sunday’s episode garnered criticism from viewers. Many fans were outraged by her remarks, with one viewer expressing their frustration, “So the men are supposed to go out, hunt, get the wood, make the fire, whilst the women keep the vibes.”

Despite the backlash, Nella and Sam managed to win 10 stars for the camp, leaving their fellow celebrities delighted.

I’m A Celebrity continues to captivate audiences on ITV1 and ITVX.

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