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I’m A Celebrity Fans Shocked as They Discover Nella Rose’s Real Age


ITV viewers left astonished by Nella Rose’s age

Viewers of the popular reality show, I’m A Celebrity, were taken aback after learning the real age of contestant Nella Rose. The YouTuber, who revealed her age as 26 during the latest episode, sparked a wave of surprise among fans.

Twitter erupts with disbelief

Fans took to Twitter to express their astonishment at Nella Rose’s age. One user wrote, “Nella is only 26? I thought she was a lot older. A lot makes sense now.” Another viewer mentioned Nella’s recent disagreement with Nigel Farage, saying, “I’d have liked to see Nigel explain his viewpoint without Nella shouting over him. How is this woman 26?”

Feuds and confrontations

Nella Rose, who gained fame as a social media star, has been involved in various clashes on the show. One notable incident occurred when she confronted Fred Sirieix over a comment about age. Despite the comment being harmless, Nella took offense and later confronted Fred about it. She also engaged in a heated debate with Nigel Farage about Brexit, accusing him of being “anti-immigrant”.

Overall, Nella Rose’s real age has certainly surprised I’m A Celebrity fans, adding another layer of intrigue to the show.

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