I’m A Celebrity secret feuds revealed as cast WhatsApp group descends into bitching and backstabbing ahead of final


THE diva rows on I’m A Celebrity’s all-stars series can be revealed for the first time today — thanks to latest evictee Paul Burrell.

Princess Diana’s former aide has lifted the lid on the feuds which have erupted since the series went on air.

Paul Burrell has lifted the lid on the I’m A Celebrity feuds as Janice Dickinson has been shunned by the whole group

Celebrity campmates have been watching the show on ITV for the first time since it was filmed last year.

And their WhatsApp group has been set aflame with rows now they know what their fellow contestants got up to behind each others’ backs.

Detailing the secrets of the South Africa series, Paul claimed that:

  • FATIMA Whitbread berated the others for contraband, while enjoying her own private stash;
  • GEORGIA Toffolo hired her own private jet as she was so desperate to get home;
  • JANICE Dickinson is now shunned by the whole group after shock behaviour and declaring herself most famous;
  • GILLIAN McKeith has ranted over comments made behind her back.

Former Royal butler Paul said: “We have an I’m A Celebrity Legends WhatsApp group.

“And we all talk to each other as each night unfolds and we all say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that happened.’

“Now we’re watching it all and we’re seeing the context of everything, we’re constantly texting each other saying, ‘Oh you did that. Wow.’

“I do have rumbles to have.”

Telling all after leaving the camp just a day before the final, Paul has revealed how he feels betrayed by two campmates in particular — Janice and Fatima — over a row about contraband goods.

After Gillian McKeith was found to have smuggled in almonds, mints and spices in her bra and knickers, the butler confessed he had sneaked in a sachet of coffee.

Then Fatima rounded on Paul about the rule breach in an explosive early moment of the series, saying: “You have brought shame on yourself.”

Paul ranted: “I do have to have a rumble with Janice. She threw me under the bus with the coffee.

“I had been giving her a nice cup of Butler’s Roast by the fire every morning, sipping it very slowly and looking at me and winking.

“But when it came to the point of shame, Janice sat there in silence. Thank you very much Janice! She never said a word.

“When it was about saving herself, she had plenty to say. Janice was rude to everybody, she doesn’t pull any punches.”

Opinionated Fatima divided camp with her preaching as a number of celebrities — including Myleene Klass and Shaun Ryder — had sneaked in prohibited items.

In the scenes, Fatima ranted: “It’s about the rules being breached, because I’m a principles person and I want to be true to myself.”

But Paul has now claimed the Olympian was also enjoying naughty goods.

He said: “I have found out from Gillian recently that she had given Fatima some of her contraband mints.

“At the point when Fatima is saying to me, ‘You have brought shame on yourself’, she’s sucked on an Imperial mint! That’s a bit rich isn’t it?

“So she wasn’t quite so righteous after all.”

He went on: “I didn’t realise how bossy Fatima was until I’ve been watching it.

“Fatima knew what she was doing and she was there to win. She had the final in her sights.”

As well as remarking on the night’s action, the WhatsApp group has also been a place where the celebrities have shared their thoughts on stories emerging about the group.

Singer Shaun has told how he felt Paul and Gillian were faking their reactions for airtime, while Corrie actor Andy Whyment has said the same about Janice.

Paul said: “We’re all in the WhatsApp group except Janice. Janice is not in the class of 2023 for obvious reasons.

“It’s fair to say we’re all a little bit wary around Janice.

“Janice was the wild card in the camp and we are all a little bit scared of her to be honest.”

Paul has now told how Janice’s husband Robert “Rocky” Gerner was forced to play peacemaker at the safari lodges where the campmates stayed when they left the show.

He went on: “Rocky was very feisty in protecting Janice as she went back into supermodel mode and was busy being ‘the most famous person on the programme’.”

Asked if he was referring to HOAR’s story that Rocky had got into a fight with Dean Gaffney over Janice, Paul commented: “Dean was very surprised to hear about the scrap he had with Rocky.”

The group sat down for dinner together after filming wrapped.

But things unravelled at the airport on the way home when a cancelled flight meant some of the group had to wait for six hours.

Helen Flanagan was said to have moaned about the six-hour flight delay

Georgia Toffolo charted her private jet as she was so desperate to get home

Stars including Helen Flanagan were said to have moaned about the delay.

Paul revealed: “Some people moaned about not getting the flight home.

“Well some of us had to stay an extra day in South Africa, in a hotel and miss our family for another day.

“So, calm down gang, calm down! You know, you’ve all had your moment of glory.

“Toff actually got herself a private jet to get home.”

One camp friendship that remains intact is between Paul and Andy Whyment. The pair regularly meet up for dinner.

Andy is also great pals with fellow Mancunian Shaun. Hopeful Paul has even extended an invitation for a group holiday when the dust settles.

Paul said: “Andy and I are almost joined at the hip and have become great friends.

“And I have invited the entire crew to the old property my husband and I are renovating in Tuscany — all apart from Janice.”

That comes despite Gillian and her team telling HOAR she and Paul were going away alone.

Paul laughed: “Gillian is no fool!”

The pair met up recently to clear the air after she sent Paul a message complaining after watching one of the episodes.

A source told HOAR: “Gillian was fuming after seeing Paul ask Shaun Ryder whether Gillian really was mad as a box of frogs.”

Paul added: “But I loved being in the jungle, it was magical.

“I met the most incredible bunch of people. Although there were little niggles along the way, that is human nature.”

The final episode of I’m A Celebrity… South Africa is on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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