I’m A Celebrity viewers all have the same complaint about Naughty Boy after he does another trial


I’M A Celebrity viewers were left fuming last night as Naughty Boy took part in his fifth trial.

Disgruntled fans complained that enough was enough and begged each other to stop voting for the music producer – and give others a chance.

I’m A Celebrity viewers have had enough of watching Naughty Boy
The music producer managed to get 10 stars despite protesting

One person moaned: “Please stop voting for naughty boy I’m bored of hearing woahhh woahhh woahhh  #ImACeleb.”

Another wrote: “Please Vote for other people so we can see what they are made of. We know Naughty Boy is only playing to the cameras. Bored of that now #ImACeleb.”

While someone else whined:  “Please British public stop voting for #naughtyboy on #ImACeleb This happens every year & it drives me mad!! We wanna see different people do the trials, not the same face every night!!!”

Last night’s episode saw Naughty Boy and Olympic gold medallist diver Matty Lee take on the Gruesome Gargoyles trial and win 10 stars for the camp.

Fans initially feared he would walk if he kept getting voted, but last night he appeared to take the task in the stride.

The artist- real name Shahid Khan – has threatened to quit on numerous occasions.

He initially found living at The Clink too hard and told his celeb pals he was done with the show.

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But he stayed and entered the main castle, where once again he got repeatedly fed up.

Last week in the Telegraph, he said:  “I feel like my journey here in the camp has come to an end. I can’t go against my spirit.” 

He added to his campmates: “I genuinely feel good about it. I don’t feel sad, I don’t feel like… I wouldn’t be leaving if I knew I haven’t challenged myself or overcome any fears because what’s the point of being here in the first place?”

However after the camp was evacuated due to the storms, he returned ready and raring to go again.

Matty Lee finally had the chance to do his first trial