I’m A Celebrity’s AJ Pritchard taunted by Shane Richie again as they’re forced to work together in tonight’s trial


I’M A Celebrity star AJ Pritchard is showered with bugs in tonight’s gruesome task – while he’s taunted by Shane Richie.

The ex-EastEnders star tells the dancer: “You’re going to mess you hair up. There goes the shampoo commercial.”

AJ Pritchard is showered by bugs on tonight’s I’m A Celebrity trial

It comes after the pair shared a tense moment in camp last night, when Shane threw his dinner canteen down on the floor.

Curtis was left with a face like thunder when the actor tried make light of their row over the washing-up from earlier in the week.

And he looked furious when Shane grabbed his shoulder when he walked past laster.

The 56-year-old Alfie Moon star had been left looking unimpressed earlier in the week when AJ criticised his cleaning of the camp’s pans – and even scrubbed himself until they shone.

The dancer looked furious when Shane touched his shoulder last night
The pair are buried up to their necks and showered with creepy-crawlies

With crushing predictability, the pair were chosen by viewers to do tonight’s trial – and it looks like they have a hard job on their hands.

The pair are shown buried up to their necks with their heads encased in glass boxes – which quickly fill up with mealworms.

As the bugs rained down on him, AJ is heard whimpering as he had to unscrew a star using only his mouth.

He said: “They’re going to have a proper party in there. The curl cream’s not going to survive this.”

The pair’s friendly relationship has turned icy over recent days

AJ riled Shane when he went to lengths to criticise his washing-up skills

Ant McPartlin announced: “Joining you in there – 2,000 maggots and 1,000 giant mealworms.”

AJ was then heard whimpering – with his mouth firmly shut so nothing could crawl in – before getting to work on the star.