I’m A Celebrity’s Shane Richie reveals he lost a stone after the drinking challenge made him violently ill


I’M A Celebrity’s Shane Richie has revealed that he’s managed to lose a stone during his stint on the show after being violently ill following the drinking challenge.

The former EastEnders star, 56, opened up about his experience in the castle during a chat on This Morning earlier today.

Shane Richie managed to drop a stone during his time in the castle

Most celebrities that take part in the popular ITV show return home with a bit of extra room in their trousers due to their lack of tasty snacks and boring diet of rice and beans.

But during a chat on the ITV chat show, co-host Holly Willoughby mentioned that some viewers thought that the stars had it easy this year.

She went on to mention how great the soap star looks and asked him how much weight he’d managed to lose since his stint on the show.

The actor admitted that he’d lost around 13 pounds, which he put down to the fact he had a poorly stomach after one of the dreaded drinking trials.

Shane opened up about his experience on the show earlier today on This Morning

Shane looks totally unrecognisable after three weeks of eating rice and beans

The star got really ill after the drinking challenge – which resulted in him losing quite a bit of weight

Shane explained: “I lost just under a stone, Vernon bless him, he’s lost two and a half stone and he’s eight foot two!

“I lost weight because after I did the drinking challenge, 12 hours later I was really ill.

“Thankfully they didn’t show it on tape because I didn’t want my family getting upset but I thought I was going to have to see a doctor.

“I had a few tablets and I had a dodgy stomach, so that’s kind of where I lost my weight.

Shane placed fourth on the show this year

He was really put through his paces during the drinking challenge

The rest of the celebs jokingly wanted to catch the stomach bug he had to lose some weight too

“And after a while everyone was going Shane how can we catch that bug off you?

“So I had people trying to hug me to catch this bug I had! I’ve come back and dropped two dress sizes!”

One person who has definitely noticed a change in Shane after his amazing weight loss is wife Christie, 41.

The actress, who has been married to Shane for sixteen years, has said that it has transformed him – and put a “twinkle” back in his eye.

Shane, his wife Christie and their three children Romani-Skye Angel Shelley, Lolita Bell and Mackenzie Blue

Christie told The Mirror: “I am really surprised at how different he looks. We knew he would lose some weight and in some respects he went in there looking at it like a boot camp.

“To see that jawline after all these years, it was like greeting an old friend! I haven’t seen it in years. I wonder if he can keep all the weight off.”

She added: “He needs a good shave and a good scrub and a haircut but it does remind me of the old days when we first got together.

“I think he will love the way he looks and be thankful to have lost some weight.”

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