I’m A Celebrity’s Shane Richie screams surrounded by 200 spiders in trial – after insisting Jessica would do it


I’M A Celebrity star Shane Richie predicted Jessica Plummer would be doing tonight’s nightmarish trial – but he ended up getting voted into doing it himself.

The 56-year-old EastEnders legend winds up screaming after having to put his head in a box containing 200 spiders.

I’m A Celebrity’s Shane Richie is seen struggling in tonight’s Cruel Jewels trial

He then has to get stars off a screw using only his tongue in a box filled with the creepy crawlies and their webs.

It comes after he confidently announced that Jessica would “100 per cent” do the trial.

However, despite the EastEnders actress struggling in the ‘Harm-oury’ challenge, voters chose HIM to do it.

Shane starts cheerily enough in tonight’s Cruel Jewels challenge, saying: “Here I go.”

The actor has to poke his head into a box filled with 200 spiders

Two giant spiders are seen nestled on a web beside Shane’s head

The task sees Shane having to put his head in various boxes tonight

Actor Shane is shown trying to release stars – using just his tongue

The I’m A Celeb hosts look on with Dec remarking: ‘It’s horrible’

However, his jaunty banter soon turns to horror when he realises what he’s facing.

Shane asks: “Oh what’s in here lads? Oh god no”, before starting screaming.

Dec Donnelly doesn’t help things, telling him: “Two-hundred spiders. It’s horrible. 200 of them. 200. This is a good statto tell them when you get back to camp – 200 spiders.”

Shane snaps back: “You don’t have to keep reminding me, Dec.”