ITV hit by over 800 Ofcom complaints in just a week from furious I’m A Celebrity viewers after camp controversy


The hit reality show I’m A Celebrity has been bombarded with over 800 complaints in just one week, with many viewers expressing their anger over contestant Nella Rose. The 26-year-old YouTuber sparked controversy during her time in the jungle and quickly became a divisive character before her recent elimination.

Outrage over Nella’s camp leader title

Leading up to her departure, viewers had plenty to complain about to Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator. One incident in particular that generated outrage was when Nella was chosen as the camp leader by the viewers. Ofcom received 433 complaints related to “alleged bullying comments by Nella, Nella being made camp leader, and her exemption from some trials.”

During that episode, Nella decided to assign Fred and Nigel to washing up duty and made a series of jokes at their expense, referencing their previous complaints about cleaning the pots. This did not sit well with the audience.

Racism row adds fuel to the fire

Viewers were also unhappy about a racism row that unfolded between Nigel and Nella regarding cultural appropriation. On the night the argument aired, Ofcom revealed they received 246 complaints, including 91 objections to Nella’s comments towards Nigel and 80 complaints alleging unfair treatment of Nigel throughout the series by ITV.

The following episode saw an additional 136 complaints made about Nella’s comments to Nigel during a debate on racism.

The controversy arose when the campmates were discussing cultural appropriation and the pronunciation of the word “water” in Jamaican patois. Nigel argued that if a white person imitated a black accent, it would be considered a crime. Nella asked Nigel to clarify, to which he responded that if a white person imitated a black accent, it would be seen as a crime and they should be “cancelled.” Nella countered that it depends on the context, and if someone is mocking or not. Nigel called it “can’t win territory” and mentioned dressing up as a Mexican at a fancy dress party as an example.

Additional complaints and concerns

In addition to the controversy surrounding Nella, a further 71 complaints were lodged after Frankie Dettori’s elimination, with most of them concerning the voting outcome.

Nigel’s team also questioned whether Nella was receiving preferential treatment and expressed dissatisfaction with his lack of airtime in recent episodes.

Overall, I’m A Celebrity has found itself in hot water with Ofcom due to the numerous complaints received, highlighting the divisive nature of this year’s camp dynamics.

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