Josie Gibson breaks down in tears in the jungle over missing her son Reggie


This Morning presenter becomes emotional during I’m A Celebrity

Josie Gibson, 38, was seen breaking down in tears on Friday’s episode of I’m A Celebrity as she thought about her five-year-old son Reggie. The former Big Brother winner admitted feeling guilty for leaving her son for so long and expressed her love for him. Fellow campmate Danielle Harold comforted Josie and praised her for being a strong mother.

Josie admits feeling guilty for doing the show

After her emotional moment, Josie took herself off to the bush telegraphy and confessed to feeling guilty for participating in the show. She vowed to never leave her son for such a long time again. Josie had previously prepared Reggie for her absence by recording videos for him and explaining everything to him.

Reggie staying with Josie’s family

Reggie is currently staying with Josie’s family and will join her in Australia midway through the series’ run. Josie reassured her son that they will be going to Australia soon and he eagerly asks about going into the jungle. The latest episode of I’m A Celebrity can be watched on ITV1 and ITVX.

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