Nella Rose Faces Fears in Fishy Business Trial on I’m A Celeb


The Trial

Nella Rose, the popular YouTuber, bravely faced her fears once again as she took on the challenging Fishy Business trial on I’m A Celebrity.

Underwater Challenge

In this trial, Nella found herself underwater and surrounded by spiders. She had to relay quiz questions to her campmate Sam Thompson.

Sam’s Task

Sam, on the other hand, had to swim into cages filled with aquatic creatures in order to release stars.

Expecting the Unexpected

Nella admitted that facing fears is not a walk in the park, saying, “You’re here to face your fears, it’s not really a free holiday, so, you just expect the unexpected all the time.”

Teamwork and Success

Despite the challenges, Nella and Sam worked together as a strong team. They managed to secure an impressive 10 out of 12 stars before the timer ran out.

Proud and Grateful

Sam expressed his desire to make Nella proud and shared his pride in their accomplishments. Nella, in turn, believed their campmates would be proud and happy to enjoy a good meal.

Overcoming Fears

Nella revealed that spiders are her biggest fear, and she dislikes being underground or underwater. However, she faced her fears head-on and conquered the trial.

Messy Milk Challenge

Meanwhile, Nick Pickard and Frankie Dettori had a less successful experience with a messy milk challenge. The duo had to fill bottles from a leaky tank to win Dingo Dollars.

A Humorous Moment

Amidst the laughs, Nick jokingly expressed his reluctance to ride with Frankie again, stating, “I’d get on a horse with him [Frankie], I don’t think I’m ever getting back in a motor with him.”

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