Roman Kemp shows off incredible body transformation after hiring Caroline Flacks trainer to get ready for Im A Celeb


ROMAN Kemp underwent an incredible body transformation before taking part in Im A Celebrity thanks to Caroline Flacks personal trainer.

The 26-year-old showed off his new found muscles after just 12 weeks of graft wowing his followers.

Roman Kemp got in shape in just 12 weeks

He told them: Not one for posting a photo like this but I wanted to say a huge thank you to @bradleysimmonds for convincing me to do his #12weektransformation.

Best training Ive ever had and provided me with the results I wanted. Thank you mate x

In the shot , Roman who is a vegan – is seen flexing his arm muscles and his new-found six pack.

Bradley is known for his work with Caroline Flack, who he was briefly romantically linked to and he has also worked with Love Islands Molly-Mae Hague.

The proud trainer revealed the secret to the results, which saw him go from 25% body fat to 9.5% in such a short amount of time.

The star got the perfect bod just in time for I’m A Celebrity

He wrote 12 weeks of pure dedication has got Roman looking and feeling unreal.

Being a vegan it was a test for me to get his nutrition spot on ensuring he was consuming enough protein to ensure he was developing muscle whilst shredding the body fat % to build a strong lean physique. But we managed and we had Roman eating good plates of food.

He went on to reveal that he took on four or five sessions a week to get in shape.

Bradley added: Now I wont take all the credit because when we were both busy @romankemp still hit the gym and completed every workout I set him. Making my job easy.

Bradley Simmonds

Bradley Simmonds is known for his work with Caroline Flack

Roman is currently taking part in I’m A Celebrity

Set himself a goal.. and worked everyday to make the goal a reality.

@romankemp started the transformation at 25% body fat and finishing the transformation at an impressive 9.5% the picture on the right speaks for itself.

Now all he has to do is maintain his results which he will easily do with the knowledge hes sponged over the last 12 weeks.

Its just a shame hes an @arsenal fan as we could have been best mates.

Roman who is Spandau Ballet star Martins son is currently winning over the public in Im A Celebrity.

He came to blows last night with Adele Roberts over her choice of a picture of Adele Roberts for her luxury item.

Tonight viewers will watch as the pair take part in the first eating challenge of the series.