Scarlette Douglas’ brother says she’d be an amazing I’m A Celebrity camp leader, because she is so bossy

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SCARLETTE Douglas’ brother says she’d be an amazing camp leader, because she is so bossy. 

Stuart, with whom she presents Channel 4’s Worst House On The Street, added she had “brought out the full repertoire” so far. 

Scarlette’s brother Stuart has spoke about his sister as he arrived Down Under to support her
Stuart says he thinks his sister would be an amazing camp leader as she is so bossy

Landing at Brisbane Airport on Thursday, he said: “Scarlette is doing really well. As a family, we’re all really proud. I think she’s doing great. She’s being herself as the most important thing.

“You’ve seen her do her sign language. You’ve seen her dance. You’ve seen that she tells jokes.  

“So yeah, she’s bringing out the full repertoire.”

Asked whether he thought his sister could make a good camp leader, he laughed: “Yeah! She bosses me around enough.

“I do think she’s fair and she’s honest. And I know that she wants everybody to be happy. 

“So if that’s what you can bring to camp leader she would be great.

“I think that she’s quite spontaneous. So depending on how the camp is, determines what she does. 

“Like anything in life. You react to your environment and I think that is what she does.”

So far in camp Scarlette has rubbed Boy George up the wrong way, but hasn’t been able to get involved in too many trials after Matt Hancock was voted to undertake six in a row.

Stuart said: “I want to see her do loads of trials. I want her to have that experience.

“ I want her to really embrace it and to be part of it, and to do that you need to do trials. 

“I was a little bit concerned that Matt Hancock was doing all the trials. 

“But now I think the public has started to change that. Yeah, I would love to see her do a trial.”

Scarlette Douglas is a TV presenter and property expert, known for A Place In HOAR and Flipping Fast.

Despite spending much of her career within the entertainment industry, she actually started out as a footballer.

Inspired by her older brothers and their love of the game, Scarlette briefly played for Arsenal as a child.

Stuart and Scarlette both present Channel 4’s Worst House on the Street

“Scarlette is doing really well. As a family, we’re all really proud,” Stuart told HOAR