Tensions rise after Boy George, Chris Moyles and Babatundé Aléshé leave campmates starving after Bushtucker Trial flop


TENSIONS are bubbling in I’m A Celeb after Boy George, Chris Moyles and Babatundé Aléshé left campmates starving with a Bushtucker Trial flop.

They faced a challenge after a public vote — which finally spared MP Matt Hancock.

Chris Moyles was one of the three who flopped at the Bushtucker Trial
And Babatunde Aleshe’s performance wasn’t much better
While Boy George may in theory be more popular than Matt Hancock, the disgraced former Health Secretary was much better at the challenges

But the trio limped back to camp with just three stars, meaning the 11 celebs had to share just three meals.

In the Angel of Agony trial, they were in cages inside a statue modelled on the Angel of the North.

The challenge was a nod to the Geordie roots of presenting duo Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly.

Ant, 46, explained: “This is the Angel of Agony. We’re feeling very at home because it’s loosely based on the legendary Geordie landmark, the Angel of the North.

“You’ll each take a position within the Angel and you’ve got to work together as a team to get the stars from the bottom to the top.

“The celebrity at the bottom gets the stars from the hell holes and passes them to the celebrity in the middle.

“The celebrity in the middle then gets the stars through the mesh to the celebrity at the top.

“The celebrity at the top must then use their magnet to move the stars into the wings.

“Every star you get into the wings before the end of time is a meal for camp.”

It was agreed Boy George would go at the bottom, Babatundé in the middle and DJ Chris, 48, at the top.

Once in position Culture Club singer George, 61, admitted: “I’m just letting you know I’m pretty nervous.”

Dec told them: “It’s all about teamwork this!”

The campers endured the Angel of Agony trial in the jungle
The statue was modelled on the Angel of the North – a nod to the Geordie roots of Ant and Dec
There’s now a rumble in the jungle as everyone has been left hungry by the failure

Boy George began chanting while navigating a box full of critters to find a star before handing it to Babatunde, who apologised profusely for dropping it.

As he struggled, Ant exclaimed: “The nation holds its breath!”

Boy George moaned: “They have to get to the top or we’re all going to go hungry!”

When they found they only had three stars, upset comedian Babatunde, 36,́ said: “Look man, I had butterfingers today. I tried my best.

“Every time I got near to the top and I tried to pass it to Chris, it just dropped. I’m annoyed at myself.”

Later in the Bush Telegraph, he said: “I definitely feel I let the team down. I just couldn’t get the hang of the trial today.”

Boy George said: “I was proud of myself for overcoming my terror. Then I wanted to cry after.”

The failed trial meant the camp had to make do with a measly meal and basic rations of rice and beans after indulging in octopus and camel shoulder over the past week.

Disgraced former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, 44, had faced the past six trials, but performed well in each.

An insider said: “To give him his dues, Matt brought home the bacon in every trial he faced but now the celebrities are going to bed hungry.

“Grumbling tummies often mean fiery rows over even the smallest of things and the crew are on high alert for tensions to erupt.”

Jill Scott could lose her cool with the lack of food on offer.

Before entering camp, the former Lioness, 35, told HOAR: “I have obviously never had to starve myself. I can get hangry.”

Meanwhile Hollyoaks actor Owen Warner, 23, has said: “I don’t let myself go hungry at home. I will always have a snack.”