Bianca Gascoigne shows off her curves in a daring cutout swimsuit on holiday in Portugal


CELEBRITY Love Island winner BIANCA Gascoigne looks better as she shows off her recent Brazilian bum lift on holiday in Portugal.

The glamour model, 33 oozed sex appeal and body confidence as she relaxed by the pool in the southern Eastern country to escape the recent dramas of her break up with Steven Martorana.

Bianca Gascoigne shows off her curves in a daring cutout swimsuit on holiday in Portugal

The television personality showed off her minuscule waist and daring assets in an electric blue cutout swimsuit.

She looked stunning as ever with minimal makeup and her luscious locks looked perfect despite the humid weather.

Her swimwear also displayed her peachy bum perfectly which was a result of her going under the knife last year to achieve her dream body due to her body dysmorphia.

“I always see this fat chubby kid when I look in the mirror so thats just always going to be that way.

The star went under the knife last year after talking to her doctor and mum about her body confidence issues

She had tried to get the bum she wanted for years in the gym but never achieved the look she was aiming for

Bianca looked gorgeous in her one-piece by the pool

“I have tried to conquer it but I think, you know, most women do have body hiccups in their mind. But I just kind of give myself more of a hard time.

“I was late today because its actually quite hard for me to get ready because Ive just had surgery. Putting shoes on and everything isnt very easy.”

Although Bianca may feel more body confident walking around on holiday in a bikini because of her surgery, the star is still coming to terms with her recent breakup from the owner of Mr Unique tyres and exhaust centres.

The pair, who met in 2018 and had even moved in together, called it quits in December after just a year of dating because of their constant bickering.

Bianca revealed that she’s always been conscious of the way her body looks

A source revealed to The Sun Online that taking their relationship to the next level got too much for the two as they were “forever arguing.”

They said: “They spilt up one day after there one year anniversary. They tried to make it work over and over again but they just wasnt compatible.

“They literally just moved in with each other 3 weeks before they spilt. They were forever arguing.

“Bianca is sad about it as they have known each other for 10 years and she feels like she has lost a friend but deep down she knew it wasnt right.”

They started dating in 2018 after Bianca’s previous relationship with CJ Meeks ended in 2017

The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other during a night out in Newcastle