Caroline Flacks attack on sleeping lover Lewis Burton looked like a horror movie, cop claims


POLICE who arrived at Caroline Flacks flat after she attacked her boyfriend likened the scene to a horror movie, a court heard.

Lewis Burton and the Love Island host were both covered in blood after she allegedly whacked him over the head with a lamp while he slept.

Police likened Caroline Flack’s attack against her boyfriend Lewis Burton to a horror movie, a court heard
The ex-Love Island star was surrounded by police on the court steps
The ex-Love Island star, who wore a black coat, scarf and boots, was surrounded by police on the court steps

Flack, 40, sobbed in the dock and had her head in her hands as prosecutors outlined the case against her.

She spoke only to confirm her details and plead not guilty to a charge of assault by beating.

Lewis, 27, was in the public gallery, and the court was told he does not support the prosecution.

However, a judge refused to overturn bail conditions preventing Flack from contacting him.

She had flipped in the early hours of December 12 after reading texts on his phone which she interpreted as him cheating on her, the court was told.


Lewis told cops at the scene she tried to kill me, mate, it was said. Katie Weiss, prosecuting, said Lewis dialled 999 from her flat in Islington, North London, at 5.25am.

Ms Weiss told Highbury Corner magistrates court: Police arrived eight minutes later and knocked on the door.

It was opened by a male and female and both were covered in blood. One police officer likened the scene to a horror movie.

The complainant said he had been asleep when he was hit on the head by Caroline with a lamp, Ms Weiss continued.

His face was covered in blood, and Flack was also cut from smashed glass, the court heard.

Flack holds her hand over her face as she cries in court
The TV host held her hand over her face as she cried in court
Lewis Burton and Caroline Flack sharing a drink together last month

Ms Weiss added: He said Caroline smashed a glass and caused injuries. She did have two lacerations to her left wrist.

She continued: In the 999 call the complainant said his girlfriend was beating him up. He was heard asking, What are you doing? and the call goes silent for some seconds.

There is shouting in the background and he asked repeatedly for help to be sent to him. He is begging to send help. He says, She is going mad, breaking stuff, just woken up, shes cracked my head open.

Defendant is heard calling him an a**hole, saying its all your fault, youve ruined my life and a**hole repeatedly. He says, Youve cracked my head.

Officers had body-worn cameras which recorded admissions from Flack who overturned a table and had to be held down, it was said.


Ms Weiss went on: She said, I did it while under caution. And, I will kill myself, I whacked him around the head and gave a demonstration to the police.

“Ms Flack overturned a table and had to be restrained on the ground because of the way she was behaving.

Ms Weiss added: Its quite apparent that the defendant is manipulative towards him and blames him entirely, saying he ruined my life.

She has ruined her own life by committing the assault. The defendant was given bail conditions as she posed a risk of harm. We are aware he is not giving evidence but aware that he is vulnerable.

Ms Weiss added: Mr Burton is a victim. He had substantial and significant injuries to his head. Paul Morris, defending, asked for bail conditions preventing Flack from seeing Lewis to be lifted.

Mr Burton later posted a loved-up image of the couple on Facebook, saying 'arguments do happen'
Lewis, pictured leaving court, told cops at the scene ‘she tried to kill me, mate’, it was said
Mr Burton shared this message after Flack appeared in court today
Mr Burton shared this message on social media after Caroline Flack’s court appearance

He said: Mr Burtons solicitors have been in contact with a statement. He doesnt want to support the prosecution, has never supported the prosecution. Hes not a victim, hes a witness.

Mr Morris told the court the pair remain in a relationship. He added: They are still a couple. She wants to spend time with her partner.

Its Christmas and its New Year and Miss Flack suffered enough during the conduct of this prosecution. She needs to be around those that support her.

“It is not appropriate or necessary to maintain these bail conditions. He does not want to see her prosecuted.

The prosecution say they seek to bring the case without him. Shes in the public eye and will conduct herself properly.


Ms Weiss said Flack had already breached conditions not to contact Lewis shortly after her arrest and charge.

She said: Shes posted a message on Instagram to Mr Burton, To my boyfriend I love you. She took it down on police request. The case was briefly adjourned while a risk assessment was made.

Afterwards, Ms Weiss said police had lowered the risk against Mr Burton from high to medium but the CPS still opposed removing the bail conditions.

District Judge Julie Newton refused the application by the defence team. Flack sobbed when she was ordered not to contact Lewis directly or indirectly.

She held her head in her hands while Lewis covered his eyes. Flack was released on bail while the case was adjourned for a trial on March 4. It is expected to last for a day and a half.

Outside court, friends of Flack yelled at the prosecutor: Shame on you, shame on you. Ms Weiss warned them they could get arrested if they continued so they stopped.

Flack, dressed in black jacket, scarf and knee-high boots, was hugged by mum Christine as she left court. She has stepped down as host of Love Island and will be replaced by Laura Whitmore.

Caroline embraced by mum Christine after the hearing
Police push their way through photographers as Flack walked into court
Police had to push their way past photographers