Caroline Flacks close friend pays tribute with unseen picture and says we miss you every day


CAROLINE Flack’s close friend has paid tribute to the Love Island star with an unseen picture and says “we miss you every day”.

Chantelle posted the snap from Hollywood on a hike with Caroline and their pal Jaime.

Caroline Flack seen on a hike with her pals in 2016

When it was first shared in October 2016, Caroline commented with a series of emojis including heart eyes, a medal and handstand.

The close pals had been enjoying a girls’ holiday when Jaime posted picture.

She said: “Hiking and the hollywood sign… practically locals.”

Last week Jaime shared quotes from Caroline from an article written in 2016 urging others to “be kind to people”.

The 40-year-old died on February 15

The piece read: “As each year goes past, I get a bit more ‘screw everything’. I used to be such a worrier, then in my 30s I though ‘what on earth have I spent the last 10 years worrying about?’.”

She added: “I truly believe in being kind – how nice does it feel when someone says something nice to you? There’s nothing better.

“I tend to kill people with kindess. It works – they tend to say sorry and be nice back.

“One of my favourite words is ‘content’ – it’s such a lovely idea to be content.”

Caroline, 40, took her own life at her London home weeks before facing an assault trial.

Caroline with her boyfriend Lewis Burton who has been left heartbroken by her death

The Love Island presenter was found dead at her home

She was accused of attacking her boyfriend Lewis Burton who wanted to drop the charges.

The CPS told Caroline they were pursuing the case the day before she died. She strongly denied the charge.

Her mum Chris shared an unpublished Instagram post Caroline wrote but was advised not to share.

It read: “I can’t spend every day hidden away being told not to say or speak to anyone.

“I’m not thinking about ‘how I’m going to get my career back.’ I’m thinking about how I’m going to get mine and my family’s life back.”

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