Dani Dyer says she’s having night terrors about her unborn baby and is suffering secret anxiety battle after Love Island


DANI Dyer has revealed she’s having night terrors about her unborn baby.

The 24-year-old admitted she has been secretly suffering with anxiety since Love Island as she opened up about becoming a mum.

Dani Dyer is having a baby in January 2021

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers podcast, Dani said: “Since Love Island, my sleep has never been great.

“I don’t know if that is because I started getting anxiety after Love Island.

“Because I used to fall asleep when I wanted to. If I wanted to have a 20-minute nap I could. But since ‘Love Island’ I’ve had spurts of insomnia.

“Sleeping is a bit of a struggle now being pregnant.

The Love Island star says she hasn’t been able to sleep since winning the series

“But the dreams I’ve been having have been really frightening.

“The last dream I had there was this woman in my kitchen and she was dressed all in black with a suitcase.

“But her and this black cat were just staring at me.

“I was standing in the kitchen and I could not move. It was like I was there. I couldn’t wake myself up.

“I know it sounds weird, but she was just staring at me, this woman.

She’s having bad dreams about becoming a new mum

“Then when I woke up I was shaking, and I had to wake Sammy up. I don’t know what Sammy is going to do.

“They are very vivid, real dreams.

“Then I had a random dream my kid was 10lb, and the doctor wouldn’t tell me the gender. Really weird.”

Dani’s father Danny Dyer revealed he also used to have awful night terrors during his younger years.

Dani shot to fame on Love Island 2018

“When I was a kid I used to have night terrors,” said Danny.

“So when I would get ill and have a temperature I used to go to some f***ing weird places.

“I remember your mum found me once with my head in a washing bin.

“I’d sleep walk. The dream I used to have was I was hanging upside down in my mum and dad’s bedroom and they couldn’t see me. Above their bed – like a bat.

“There was another dream where my mum was in the living room in our tiny little drum in Custom House, and she could hear me obviously having a night terror.

Dani opened up about her struggles in a recent podcast

“I had got up from bed and I was walking towards her down the corridor going, ‘What’s in your pockets? What’s in your pockets?’ My mum was f***ing petrified.

“The only way to bring me round was to get my head over the bath and my mum would put a cold sponge on the back of my neck and that would bring me round.”

Dani is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence who she reunited with after Love Island.

The couple are due to become parents in January 2021.