Dani Dyer says she’s miserable during ‘tiring and hard’ pregnancy and spent ’12 weeks’ on the phone to her doctor


DANI Dyer revealed that she’s miserable during her “tiring and hard” pregnancy and spent “12 weeks” on the phone to her doctor.

The Love Island winner, 24, opened up about the difficulties of her pregnancy including suffering with severe migraines, tiredness and going off certain foods.

Dani opened up about the challenges of pregnancy in an honest post

Dani also admitted that she spent her first trimester on the phone to her doctor confessing that she was “always finding new things to worry about”.

She revealed that as much as she loves being pregnant it can be a “constant battle” wanting everything to be perfect and for her baby to be healthy.

The Love Island beauty took to social media to share the honest post of about the realities of pregnancy.

Posting a snap of her wearing lilac loungewear and proudly showing off her baby bump, the mum-to-be wrote: “Being a first time mum is such an amazing experience but also a worrying one.

The Love Island champ said she’s suffering with severe migraines and tiredness

“I find it crazy how I can love something so much that isn’t even here yet and all I want to do is look after it!

“Social media can paint a picture that being pregnant is so easy but the reality is it can be really tiring and hard sometimes.

“I’ve suffered from severe migraines, tiredness and I started going off so many foods when I first fell pregnant.”

The reality star also discovered that she had an anterior placenta –meaning the placenta sits in front of the baby rather behind.

Dani said she was worried she ‘wouldn’t be able to feel my baby move’ after she discovered she had anterior placenta

The reality star explained she was worried she “wouldn’t be able to feel my baby move” because of the condition, but was reassured from other mums.

She continued: “When I discovered I had an anterior placenta I worried that I wouldn’t be able to feel my baby move.

“Because I’ve never been through this before, I wanted to get advice from other mums who had experienced it.

“This is when I got recommended to join the peanut app, and it changed everything. Seeing women going through the same worries as me really made me feel more relaxed and understand that it’s normal to feel how I’m feeling.”

The star admits that her first trimester was difficult and spent ’12 weeks’ on the phone to her doctor

Dani added: “The mums on the app gave me loads of tips, like laying on your side to help you feel more so the baby can kick against that rather than where the placenta is.

“I absolutely love being pregnant but it’s a constant battle of wanting everything to be perfect and for my baby to be healthy.”

Dani admitted that the first trimester was hard as she was often overwhelmed with worry.

She explained: “A lot of people say the second trimester is the best, and I can agree it’s a lot better than the first as I spent the first 12 weeks always on the phone to my doctor😂.

The reality star revealed that there are ‘constant battles’ with being pregnant

“I’m always finding new things to worry about, so I’m really relieved to have an app like peanut where I can go to ask questions and get advice. I can’t imagine what new worries will come my way during the third trimester😂.”

The TV star added: “You really do go through a whirlwind of emotions and the women on the app have helped me learn that it’s okay if I’m having a bad day.

“We are all going through this crazy experience together and it’s nice to share how we are all feeling the good and the bad. If you’re a mum, pregnant or trying for a baby, I really recommend you join the app. It’s an amazing support system us mums need!”

The Love Island champ revealed she was pregnant with her first child in July.

Dani and Sammy revealed their pregnancy news in July on social media

Dani shared the happy news on Instagram alongside her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

She wrote: “Little bubba can’t believe you are going to be ours.

“Me and Sammy are so excited to start this next chapter in our lives, feel so lucky and grateful.. 2021.”

The surprise baby news comes just months after Dani’s ex Jack Fincham welcomed his first child, Blossom.

Dani and Jack won Love Island in 2018 but split just six months later

Dani dated Sammy for a year before entering Love Island in 2018, which she eventually went on to win with Jack.

After their relationship ended following a series of rows, Dani got together with Sammy for a second time.

A source previously said: “Everyone is expecting Dani and Sammy to tie the knot this year and her friends and family say it’s only a matter of time – their families are really excited for it to happen and and it’s probably going to happen even sooner now.

“They love Sammy and think they are a great match and really want it to happen as soon as possible.”