Fans fear Love Island lad is about to QUIT the villa after Casa Amor brutal twist

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LOVE Island fans fear Scott van der Sluis is on the verge of quitting the villa after having his heart broken in the brutal Casa Amor recoupling.

Professional goalkeeper Scott put all his eggs in Catherine Agbaje’s basket, but she preferred masseuse and personal trainer Elom Ahlijah-Wilson, leaving her ex-partner alone.

Love Island fans think Scott might quit the villa

And with no one else appearing to set Scott’s pulse racing, viewers think he might call it a day.

One person wrote in a fan forum: “Am I the only one who think Scott might walk from the villa? He seems completely uninterested in getting to know anyone but Catherine who clearly doesn’t want to get back with him at all. He was unengaged during the singles date even when Kady did try to flirt with him a little bit and overall throughout the whole episode he seemed quite downcast.

“He’s one of my favourites but I sadly think him quitting might be a real possibility.”

Another claimed he was regretting the whole experience, saying: “Even before Casa, I kind of thought that his constant zoned out face during the boys chats was an ‘Oh my god, I quit my club to come to this sex villa filled with hot morons and I can’t go back’ face.”

A third said: “Yeah, he’s a real introvert, and he doesn’t do that whole lads lads toxic s**te, he’s not really made for reality TV I don’t think, and Catherine was his best friend in there as well as anything else, now he literally has no one in there at all.”

Fans previously branded Catherine a “b****” for her comments to Scott at the recoupling and, in Thursday night’s show, she ended up screaming at him for his sulky reaction to her dumping him.

During the row, Catherine said: “You haven’t even heard me… you don’t know what I’ve based my decisions off.

“At the end of the day, I met Elom and Elom is great. It’s given me more time to figure this out.”

Fans think she lashed out because she knows she’s in the wrong.

His ex Catherine returned from Casa Amor with Elom