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Furious Love Island Star Fires Back at Criticism Over £1.50 Primark Bag


Reality TV star Olivia Hawkins has responded to online backlash after sharing photos of her £1.50 bag from Primark.

Troll Claims Olivia is Sending Wrong Message to Girls

The 28-year-old Love Island star was accused by a troll of "sending the wrong message to girls" and was reminded of the financial struggles many young people face.

Sensational Response to Criticism

Olivia took to her Instagram Story to share the direct messages she received and respond to the criticism.

Bag from Primark

The influencer defended herself by pointing out that the bag in question was from Primark, a budget store, and emphasized that she has worked hard to achieve her success.

Hard Work and Imperfections

In her reply, Olivia stressed that nobody is perfect and that she has insecurities, even though she doesn't showcase them on social media. She also revealed that her Primark bag cost only £1.50.

Previous Trolls and Plea for Kindness

This is not the first time Olivia has faced online criticism. Recently, she had to defend herself against cruel trolls who attacked her appearance. She called on her fans to stop the hate and reminded them that she is still a human being.

Olivia's TikTok Video Sparks Different Reactions

Many of Olivia's TikTok followers claimed that she looked "different" after her latest video was posted on the platform.