Gemma Owen Spotted on Date with Famous Boxer’s Son


Love Island star Gemma Owen has sparked romance rumors after being seen on a date with Aadam, the son of famous boxer Prince Naseem Hamed. The 20-year-old beauty was previously linked to polo player Tommy Severn, but it seems she has moved on.

New Romance

Gemma Owen, known for her appearance on Love Island, has been spotted on a date with Aadam, the son of renowned boxer Prince Naseem Hamed. The 20-year-old reality TV star was previously rumored to be dating polo player Tommy Severn, but it appears that she has found a new flame.

Hints and Clues

Social media hints have fueled speculation about the budding romance. Gemma and Aadam recently started following each other on Instagram, and fans quickly noticed that they have been spending time together. In a mirror selfie posted by Aadam, a brunette woman can be seen in the background, leading many to believe it is Gemma.

Birmingham Love

The pair also posted pictures from Orelle in Birmingham, further adding to the speculation of their relationship. Gemma and Aadam seem to be enjoying each other's company and exploring new places together.

Love Island Past

Gemma rose to fame on the popular reality TV show Love Island, where she came in second place with her former boyfriend Luca Bish. However, the couple announced their split on social media three months later. Despite the public nature of their breakup, both Gemma and Luca expressed their desire to handle the situation privately.

Before her time on Love Island, Gemma was in a relationship with rugby player and fellow islander Jacques O'Neill. Although they initially broke up at the beginning of 2021, their paths crossed again when Jacques entered the ITV2 show in 2022.

Gemma Owen and Aadam in an Instagram picture

Although neither Gemma nor Aadam have officially confirmed their relationship, the evidence seems to suggest that love may be blooming between the two. Fans will be eagerly watching to see how their romance develops.