German Love Island is so raunchy it puts the UK version to shame with public sex acts and romps on the beach


GERMANY’S Love Island contestants having been putting their Brit counterparts to shame with their raunchy antics.

Lots of nudity, public sex acts and romps on the beach are all part of the action as 16 C-listers bare all on the telly in the celebrity version of the show.

Two of the contestants getting to know each other
Challenges are all done as nature intended

No compromises are made when it comes to nudity

‘Adam seeks Eve’ as it’s known has earned a reputation for uncensored sex scenes and this year’s contestants are carrying on the fine tradition.

In one scene, an amorous couple get down to it by the beach, while another shows one of the male contestants straddling a women as she sits on deck chair.

Another pair get themselves into a lather, literally, as they romp in a blow up swimming pull covered in soap.

While Love Island contestants in the UK might show off their six packs or tease in bikinis, in Germany they take things that bit further.

All the contestants stand stark naked for the cameras, though the blokes seem to take as more of a laugh than the women, who frankly look like it’s more than their jobs worth.

There are plenty of challenges, all undertaken totally naked with contestants kneeling on canoes flashing their bum cheeks.

The reason for all the nudity has, of course, a higher purpose and is in no way a gratuitous ratings grabber.

Producers believe couples are better able to get to know each other if they meet naked.

That’s because clothes have the power to convey social status and are used to establish a person’s cultural beliefs, apparently.

You get the picture from the show’s description which reads: “A man and a woman meet for the first time on a tropical island, bare-naked.

“Their profiles match on paper, but do they find true love in reality?

“A third person arrives after the two spend the night together, also naked, resulting in a duel to eliminate the other contestant.

“The chosen candidate gets the power in a last twist – to choose love or leave with money.”

Public sex scenes are all part of the fun

One contestant straddles another in Germany’s Love Island

The blokes don’t seem to mind standing about naked

One couple get themselves into a lather