I was on Love Island and here’s the real reason contestants don’t swim in the pool on camera


LOVE Island star Aaron Simpson has revealed that some of the best kept secrets from the villa – including the real reason contestants don’t swim in the pool on camera.

Aaron – who shot to fame on the show in 2021 – spilled the beans from what the food was really like to how difficult it was to go from ‘serious’ exercising to a ‘basic’ gym with controlled workout times. 

Love Island’s Aaron Simpson revealed why contestants are rarely seen in the pool

He also spilled the beans on the Islanders McDonald’s feasts

He also also opened up about why contestants are rarely seen taking a dip in the pool, despite scorching temperatures.

“We used to eat, get in the pool because we didn’t have to wear our microphones.

“The reason why people aren’t in the pool a lot of the time is because you have to have your mics on and in the pool you can’t have it on,” he told Spin Genie.

“So on our days off we’d be in the pool all day because it was roasting hot.”

Aaron also revealed that some Islanders were left feeling sick because they ate so much McDonald’s off camera.

He said: “When I was in there we had a couple of down days and they split us up into halves so they merged a day together.

“You film in the morning then we actually got in a McDonalds and I have never, ever eaten so much in my life because we could order what we want, people were feeling sick because we ate so much McDonalds which was nice.”

He went on: “It was very chilled, then they make you go to sleep really early, it’s actually still light outside. You have a same-sex bed night as well so I was in with Tyler quite a lot of the time. That was interesting.

“But like I said there wasn’t that much because you’re not really allowed to speak to each other about anything because they don’t want to miss something that they would want to film so it’s very chilled, there wasn’t really that much going on to be fair. “

Aaron admitted that he “definitely put on quite a bit of weight from canteen food”.

He added: “The food was probably the bit I struggled with the most, because you’re just laying around all day just chatting and you do get quite bored in there, so all you can do is eat.

“To be fair there was everything you’d have probably wanted which wasn’t the best thing because if you wanted something you could just go and get it.

“I think I definitely put on quite a bit of weight from before I was in there to when I came out.

“The food was alright, it was kind of standard, like canteen food really. The only way I can describe it is kind of like cafeteria, canteen type food. It comes out in trays and you just help yourself really.”

Last May, the Sun exclusively revealed Aaron was in a long-term relationship with model Jessica Lowe, 25.

They met at a Halloween party months after Aaron left the villa having been ghosted by his love interest Mary Bedford.

Blonde bombshell Jess bears a striking resemblance to Mary, 22, who ignored Aaron’s messages and savagely confirmed their split in an Instagram Q&A session.

Confirming their relationship, Aaron told HOAR: “I’m just really happy.”