I was on Love Island and there was one part of the show I couldn’t be bothered to do, reveals Abi Rawlings


LOVE Island star Abi Rawlings has revealed that there was one part of the programme that she couldn’t be bothered to do – after being in the villa for a number of weeks.

The 29-year-old tattoo artist shot to fame on the seventh series of the ITV2 programme in 2021.

Love Island’s Abi Rawlings has opened up about her time in the villa

Abi caught the eye of Toby in the villa, but their relationship didn’t last

Although the beauty didn’t find love during her time in the villa, she’s made some very fond memories on the show, including her friendship with Liberty Poole, Faye Winter, Kaz Kamwi and Shannon Gafka.

With the current series slowly coming to an end, Abi opened up about her time on Love Island in an exclusive chat, chatting about all the things that as viewers we don’t know about.

One thing that Abi found quite “mundane” was the small talk when bombshells arrived.

Abi said: “You do get moments where it’s quite boring.

“They’re not like people you know, so you have to chat about who you are and where you come from, your family, what you do… and then you meet the next person… and you have the same chat about what you are, what you do, who your family are, so it’s almost like speed dating.

“You have to just repeat yourself constantly.

“So it’s just small talk and sometimes you just can’t be bothered and there’s a new person comes in and you think I’ve got to talk about myself again!”

She continued: “It does get a bit mundane. A bit samey.

“But then because you start forming relationships with people, it does really save you, it keeps you going!”

Abi also explained that her and the girls would sing songs to pass the time.

Another thing that they used to do was play dares to spice things up a little bit.

“If we got bored we would play dares that would be like ‘go up to Jake and say something really inappropriate, or walk past someone and pull this face and don’t say anything and carry on walking.

“Or talk to Liam and somehow say the word bucket in 30 seconds five times and try and make it casual.

“So there would be random little things that you’d have to do, everyone would be knowing that they’re doing it and trying not to laugh too much in the background like school kids!

“But you do get moments where it’s quite boring.”

Abi entered the villa on day 23 as a bombshell and managed to turn Toby Aromolaran’s head.

Although when Casa Amor hit he decided to be with Mary Bedford instead.

Abi was left single and was dumped from the villa coupled up with Dale Mehmet.

The pair didn’t last and just two weeks after the show’s final, Abi revealed that she was back with her ex, admitting love was “waiting for her back home”.

In February 2022 she had moved in with her ex David Aboro Fitzpatrick.

But Abi has now confirmed she’s a single lady.

Abi said: “When I came out of the villa I was obviously single… people didn’t have too much of an interest in me whilst I was in there.

“Then I got with my ex, which I was with prior the villa, that was a nice journey, we enjoyed it, bought a house did all that stuff that society tells you you need to do…

“Then that didn’t work out, so that’s a pain in my a**e because now I’m living in Brighton.”

Abi took part in Love Island in 2021