Iain Stirling reveals ‘real reason’ Love Island cast get into so many rows in the villa


IAIN Stirling has claimed he knows why the Love Island cast argue so much on the ITV2 show.

The series commentator said the telly villa is like a social experiment for super attractive people and tests how they cope when they find they are suddenly not the most sought after person in a room.

Iain Stirling has claimed the to know why the Love Island cast end up arguing in the villa

Molly and Zachariah are seen reacting as the villa goes into turmoil

Iain said most Islanders crumble under the pressure, explaining on Heart Radio today: “They’re all attractive young people and they just aren’t used to not being the most desirable person in the room.

“I think it’s quite an interesting psychological journey actually when you put loads of people who are the best-looking person and they’ve always been the best-looking person.

“And when you are the best-looking person, the way you’re treated is very different… there’s all this talk of privilege nowadays, handsome privilege is not recognised enough.

“So, it’s weird what they then have to go ‘well what am I if I’m not the best looking one?

“It’s very interesting to watch!”

Iain made the remarks after Sunday night’s show threw the Love Island villa into chaos, with Mitchel, Sammy and Zachariah all focusing on one girl – Molly.

And last night the villa erupted into a row.

Zachariah’s actions left current partner Catherine furious, and with tensions still high, it led to Jess saying of Molly: “I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her.

“Mitch, you deserve better than that, she’s mugging you off in broad daylight.”

She added, in reference to Molly and Zachariah snogging in a challenge: “She was secretly buzzing at that kiss, I know she was. I really wanna say something…”

Catherine agreed with her, and said: “Maybe you should.”

Wading in further, Jess confronted Molly in the kitchen during the dramatic episode.

In yet more drama, Zachariah tried to speak to Mitchel and he turned him away, saying: “You’re a joker bro, no respect. You’re a snake”.

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Zachariah kissed Molly in front of shocked co-star Ruchee, Jess and Whitney