Inside Laura Anderson’s luxury home as Love Island star splits with Dane Bowers and quits Dubai


LAURA Anderson revealed she’d broken up with on-off boyfriend Dane Bowers earlier this week – saying she’s quitting their home in Dubai.

The Love Island star revealed the heartbreaking split on Instagram, saying “sadly we’re just not right for each other but I do wish him nothing but love”.

Laura Anderson showed fans around her new home

Laura – who moved to Dubai to live with Dane last year – had previously given fans a tour of their luxury home on Instagram.

She first filmed the huge coffee table, located in the airy living room.

It is surrounded by two sofas, with a window letting in the sunshine from outside.

The Scottish star also let fans know about a “funky piece of wood” that “we are going to get epoxy resined”.

The huge coffee table sits in the living room

She is also going to transform this piece of wood

A look inside Laura’s kitchen

The camera then panned to show people moving things around her kitchen, with a metallic fridge and a dishwasher visible among the moving mess.

There was also a huge window on her staircase, allowing the place to be flooded with natural light.

Eventually she popped a bottle of Champagne in the kitchen declaring the move done.

Laura and Dane got back together three years after their split following her move back to Dubai.

She also pointed out this giant window

She briefly looked upstairs in their new home

The couple spent her 32nd birthday rekindling the romance, with Dane treating Laura to a romantic hot air balloon to mark her big day.

A source told the MailOnline at the time:  “Dane and Laura have been spending all their time together in Dubai – being in each other’s company again has reminded them how good things were before.

“Laura was devastated when she found out Dane was cheating on her but years have passed and she’s now willing to give him another chance.

“Dane’s a little bit older now too, and having Laura back in Dubai with him has been a very welcomed surprise.

Laura got back together with Dane Bowers

“The couple have signed up to the upcoming series of MTV’s Ex on the Beach – but their romance has already blossomed again away from the cameras.”

Former air hostess Laura, who is originally from Scotland, dumped Dane back in 2018 when she discovered he was dating another lookalike woman behind her back.

She had found out about his secret life when his other girlfriend spotted cosy snaps of them together online and got in touch.

Mum-of-two Gemma Warboys broke the news that she had been seeing Dane for 18 months, and the pair bonded over their shared heartache.

Dane cheated on Laura with a lookalike woman

They came up with the plan to dump him at the same time and Laura marched into the Zero Gravity club in Dubai to ditch him.

As well as his singing career Dane is famed for dating Katie Price from 1998 to 2000.

Laura split from her boyfriend Tom Brazier in 2020 during lockdown and made the decision to leave the UK for good.