Is Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly going on Love Island?


GORDON Ramsey’s daughter Holly hit the headlines after rumours circulated that she’d be entering the Love Island 2021 villa.

We know what you’re thinking – imagine having Gordon as an in-law! Here’s the lowdown on the rumours…

Holly was rumoured to be entering the Love Island 2021 villa

Who is Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly?

Holly is one of Gordon’s five kids with wife Tana, she has an older sister Megan, twin brother Jack and younger siblings Tilly and Oscar.

Working as a model and influencer, Holly is signed to EST Models and has 238,000 followers on Instagram.

She studies fashion design at London’s Ravensbourne University, and as her modelling profile boasts, “has a passion for fashion, trying new styles and trends.”

Holly also has a “dream of getting her work on the runway.”

Holly works as a model and influencer

The profile also states that Holly “has been in the limelight since she was a young girl with famous chef father Gordon Ramsay taking her to the best events and parties.”

The chef’s daughter previously held a part-time job at clothes store Brandy Melville.

Is Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Holly going on Love Island?

Ahead of the Love Island 2021 line-up announcement, Holly was tipped to be joining the show.

It wouldn’t be the first time a celeb’s daughter went on the show – Dani Dyer, daughter of Danny Dyer, won the fourth series of Love Island.

However, Holly put a stop to rumours in an Instagram story that said: “Thanks for all the lovely messages but no, I’m definitely not appearing on Love Island.”

Who has Holly Ramsay dated?

Holly Ramsay’s dating life is somewhat of a mystery, but one thing’s for sure – she won’t be dating a Beckham, under strict instruction from her father.

Gordon told HOAR in 2017 that he had forbidden his kids dating David Beckham’s children.

Gordon, who is close friends with the footballer, said: “Over the past 10 years we’ve naturally got on. I see how hard David and Victoria work.

“But the connection is our ambition to get all eight children through school, college, university, and then dust ourselves down, when the kids are in their 20s, as having been decent parents. Thats hard, we feed off each other.

Holly’s love life has remained under wraps

“Three girls and a boy, and three boys and a girl – you’d be amazed at the synergy. We’ve promised that no one dates anybody, and so far….”

Laughing, he added: “If Holly said, ‘Yeah, Brooklyn and I…’ it would be, ‘No, Holly.’”

Is Holly Ramsay going on Love Island 2021?

Insiders said Holly Ramsay has cancelled modelling work to appear on Love Island this summer.

The 21-year-old has also ap­peared with her family in CBBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.

A show source said: “Holly is the big signing — she’s the one they really wanted to get.

“It’s taken months of talks but Holly’s now committed to it.

“She’s a very exciting addition to the cast and will be a massive hit with the viewers.

“Holly’s been brought up to work hard, show respect and not to rely on her dad’s celebrity.

“She’s finding her own way and will be successful in her own right.”

She will head to Majorca next month to join contestants including ex-boxer Nigel Benn’s son Harley, 24.

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