Jack Fincham in row with fan who brands him ‘cruel’ over his dog’s cut ears and docked tail


JACK Fincham has lashed out at a fan who branded him “cruel” over his dog’s cut ears and docked tail. 

The Love Island star assured all concerned followers that his pooch Elvis had come to him that way from Russia and he was very loved.

Jack lashed out at one of his Instagram followers who accused him of being cruel to his dog

Jack, 29, took offence to several followers who dared to comment on the fact that Elvis’s ears had been cropped into points, while telling one who criticised the dog’s docked tail to “bore off”. 

The dad of one posted a photo of him and Elvis enjoying a walk, which he captioned: “Weekend with the big fella xx”

One concerned follower wrote: “Your dogs tail s cut well stupid. 1. How to ruin the look of a dog. 2. Be a cruel person. Don’t tell me it’s imported. Yeah course it isn’t [sic].” 

To which Jack furiously replied: “Bore off. That dog is my life.”

Jack told the follower to ‘bore off’

Jack’s dog Elvis is a Cane Corso, an Italian breed of mastiff and while docking and clipping is common for the breed, it doesn’t make it any less cruel.

The British Veterinary Association says on its website that the procedure should be banned for all breeds of dogs, unless it is carried out by a veterinary surgeon for medical reasons (eg injury). 

Docking causes puppies and dogs to suffer unnecessary pain and means they are deprived of a vital form of canine expression in later life. 

Meanwhile ear cropping is banned in many countries as the procedure is thought to be purely cosmetic and is considered animal cruelty. 

Jack also has a Bulldog called Sandy who he originally got while dating Dani Dyer

Some owners argue that cropped ears are for health benefits such as minimising ear infections and improving hearing but there is no data to support this claim

Jack revealed back in July that he had got Elvis from Russia, imported by Protection Dogs WorldWide. 

He also has Sandy, a bulldog he bought while he was dating and living with his Love Island squeeze Dani Dyer.