Love Island bombshell already back at his day job just weeks after villa exit

Love Island David Salako socials -- online fitness coach:

THE Love Island experience can catapult its stars to stardom and fortune while others, whose time in the villa was more fleeting, quietly return to their pre-show day jobs.

One of the latest cohort to slip back into reality – and not the TV kind – is David Salako, 24.

David Salako is back working as a personal trainer after Love Island

The personal trainer is on the lookout for new clients to mentor and help achieve their fitness goals.

Showing off his chiselled torso while lifting dumbbells inside a gym, David wrote on Instagram: “Summer is around the Corner

“Say goodbye to temporary fixes and hello to sustainable results with my online coaching programme.

“My programmes provides:

– Custom nutrition plans
– Custom training plans
– Weekly zoom calls
– 24/7 support
– Access to accountability group.”

Bombshell David’s time in the villa was short-lived after failing to find a romantic connection with any of the girls.

He arrived alongside Zara Lackenby-Brown, but their trajectories were very different.

Zara quickly became involved in several heated clashes on the show, and though her stay was cut short due to a brutal recoupling, she left a big impression and is now embedded in the celebrity circuit.

Despite his confidence ahead of his time on the show, semi-pro footballer David failed to live up to his own hype.

He previously said: “Listen, there’s only one David Salako. There we go. If you’re in a relationship with me it’ll be nothing but good fun, vibes. I think I’m alright looking as well…”

David enjoyed a short stint in the villa