All the new rules for gyms you’ll have to abide by when they reopen on July 25


BOOK a dance class, dust off those running shoes, and prepare to go back to the gym.

Last night the Culture Secretary announced they could reopen their doors this month in a huge boost for fitness fanatics desperate to lose some of those lockdown pounds.

Gyms can reopen for the first time in months on July 25

Oliver Dowden revealed that gyms and swimming pools could safely resume operations from July 25.

Gyms have been closed since the nation went into lockdown on March 23.

They were unable to open on July 4 along with pubs, restaurants and other venues, because it was believed they had an extra risk.

However, it won’t be back to normal when gyms return, with a series of new safety measures in place to keep visitors fighting fit.

Here’s what gyms have been told they have to do when they reopen to keep customers safe.


Gyms will limit the number of people using the facility at any one time.

This will often involve booking systems, or staff counting visitors at the door.

Your gym will have to make sure that it has sufficient distance between people working out, and base its maximum capacity on this.

Gyms will be able to reopen by the end of the month

Gyms will mark out a safe distance clearly with tape
New measures will be put in place to slow the spread of the killer bug
Gyms have spent months working on measures to be “covid compliant”


Many gyms will require guests to have their temperature checked before they arrive.

Bamber will ask people to confirm they feel well at the door, while David Lloyd gyms are trialling a thermo-scanner which scans visitors on arrival.

How the gym will work


On gym floors, people will only be permitted to use equipment that’s spaced two metres apart and a gym’s maximum capacity will be set based on how big the venue is.

This will have to leave enough room for good circulation and one-way routes, so visitors don’t bump into each other when taking equipment not in use.


You will be told to turn up already changed, with changing rooms and showers to be avoided where possible.

It is feared that changing rooms would be a potentially easy place for the virus to spread.

Exceptions may apply to participants with disabilities or special needs.

Lockers are also unlikely to be in use.


Dance and exercise classes can still go ahead, but will require temporary floor marking showing how much space each person has.

There are also likely to be less classes, with a clean required in-between sessions.


Most gyms say they’ll reopen with sneeze screens around some workout equipment, such as treadmills.

In June 2020, HOAR visited the Gym Group, which is just one of the many fitness companies including Feelgood Fitness and Wellness Centre which will have similar measures in place.

Screens can also be used to create space, while a visible tape will be around the equipment to show the distance limit.

Outdoor gyms were allowed to reopen on July 4

Gyms will have to follow new government guidelines when they reopen


Water fountains will be in use, but gyms will make clear there can be no face-to-tap drinking.

Guests must bring water bottles with them instead.

Gyms may have to reduce the number of people allowed in the gym at any one time

You may have a limited time in which to get your workout done as gyms attempt to manage capacity


Saunas and steam rooms will be unavailable because the risk of transmission is unclear.


Gyms will need to keep records of staff and customers and share these with NHS Test and Trace where requested, just in case a guest gets the virus.

It will mean someone can give you a call and tell you to self isolate or get a test if you need to.

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