Love Island cast fuel feud rumours as islander ‘goes missing’ from reunion night out

Casey O'Gorman (left), Tom Clare (centre), and Will Young (right) became friends on Love Island

RUMOURS of a Love Island cast feud have been fuelled after one of this year’s stars was missing from a night out.

It’s only been just over a month since the latest batch of Love Island stars left the South African villa for good.

Fans are convinced Casey, Tom and Will have fallen out – despite growing close in the villa

Casey and Tom have seen a lot of each other since leaving the show

Love Island's Will Young reveals he broke major show rule to win girlfriend Jessie Wynter's heart, Will has been focused on his relationship with Jessie

But relationships and friendships have already been tested – and it seems some of the former islanders aren’t as close as they once were.

Casey O’Gorman and Tom Clare have once again sparked speculation that they’ve fallen out with Will Young, despite the trio branding themselves the Three Musketeers during their time on the show.

The pals enjoyed a night of crazy golf at Swingers in London this week but farmer Will, 23, was noticeably absent.

Tom, 23, and Casey, 26, finished up their night out with dinner and drinks.

While the duo’s bromance has continued to blossom since leaving the show, with Tom and Casey being seen together regularly, fans have long been convinced they’ve cut ties with Will.

Last month Casey revealed he was “excited” to be heading to Barnsley to see Tom.

The former Islanders then met up with one of Tom’s friends for a pizza night.

One fan said on Reddit: “I’ve noticed that Will kinda distanced himself from the three musketeer s**t.”

Many think that it’s because he’s watched back some of what they said about Will’s girlfriend Jessie Wynter behind his back.

Another pointed out: “Does seem like it a bit and can’t help wonder if the “Jessie’s fake” has put a dent in the friendship a bit. I think Jessie wasn’t Casey’s biggest fan and maybe Will is prioritising her, and good for him tbh.”

“He may have watched the season back and realized Casey actually started the “Jessie is fake” stuff,” a third wrote.

However, others think it’s just because Jessie, who shot to fame on the Aussie version of the show in 2019, will have to fly back to Australia soon.