Love Island Couple Callum Jones and Molly Smith Split after Meeting on the Show


Shocking Split

Love Island couple Callum Jones and Molly Smith have recently split, surprising fans who had followed their relationship since meeting on the popular ITV2 show in 2020.

Moving Out and Taking Custody of Their Dogs

Callum, 27, has moved out of their shared home, taking custody of their pug, Winnie. Molly, 30, has kept their Pomeranian, Nelly.

Friends After the Split

Although their romantic relationship has come to an end, Callum and Molly are reportedly determined to remain friends. However, this has proven challenging given their history of being together for over three years.

Speculation on Social Media

Rumors of their separation had been circulating on social media after followers noticed a lack of content featuring the couple together. Fans expressed concern and disappointment, hoping that the couple hadn't broken up.

Previous Holiday and Instagram Posts

Callum and Molly's most recent holiday together was in July, when they traveled to Ibiza and stayed at the luxurious Amare Hotel. During their trip, they shared numerous loved-up photos on their Instagram accounts, which were met with enthusiastic reactions from their fans.

Callum's Recent Comments

Not long ago, Callum spoke about their relationship, affirming that they were "perfect" together. He mentioned their two dogs and expressed their enjoyment of their current situation. Callum also mentioned that while family and marriage may be in their future, they were taking things one day at a time.