Love Island fans beg producers to step in after Abi’s behaviour leaves them concerned

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LOVE Island fans have demanded show bosses “have a word” with Casa Amor bombshell Abi Moores.

They called out the flight attendant from Hampshire, 25, for her “hypocrisy” after her objection to her partner Mitch Taylor, 26, getting to know newbie Ella Barnes, 23.

Love Island fans have demanded show bosses ‘have a word’ with Abi Moores

It came after newbie Ella Barnes took Abi’s partner Mitch on a date

Fans called out Abi’s chat with Mitch as ‘not OK’

The Casa Amor bombshell was visibly unimpressed – despite the fact she has been exploring conversations with footballer and fellow Love Island bombshell Scott Van Der Sluis, 22, for the past few days.

During a chat with Mitch she made her feelings clear, which led the gas engineer to question: “Why are you so upset?

“You wanted to get to know Scott though,” as she scrunched up her face.

Mitch continued: “That’s complete fact.

“Right now you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

She continued: “I’m just not about it in front of me – if I’m seeing someone, I don’t like it.

“I’m not happy.”

Mitch reassured her and said: “I don’t like to see you upset. Chill.”

Later, talking of her man, she said in the Beach Hut: “He is still saying I am his number one – there shouldn’t even be a number two.”

This led to fans flooding Twitter with their views as yesterday’s Love Island episode wrapped – centred on the hypocrisy of Abi calling out Mitch when she has been doing the exact same thing.

One wrote: “Abi stop producers stop Abi.”

A second put: “Abi is not a sane person. And I think the producers should remove her for her own well being.”

A third remarked: “Abi has to be an actress planted by the producers? This isn’t real behaviour.”

One then surmised: “Producers… have a word with Abi like asap! this is not okay behaviour.”

It came after fitness trainer Zach also turned on Scott out of nowhere – in a chat centred on Mitch and Abi’s partnership.

The Islanders were discussing Scott and Abi flirting, when Zach questioned what they would even have to talk about.

Those watching at home were surprised by the comment and are convinced he is secretly jealous of Scott.

One person raged:  “Not Zach saying Scott has no game.

“These islanders are so two faced it’s crazy.”

Mitch told Abi to ‘chill’ as he tried to reassure her

Abi told how she didn’t like the chats ‘going on in front of my face’

Fans branded her a ‘hypocrite’ as she has also been getting to know footballer Scott