Martin Lewis issues urgent holiday warning for anyone with a passport to make crucial check NOW – or risk losing £1000s


MARTIN Lewis has issued an urgent warning for anyone going on holiday to make a crucial passport check.

The Money Saving Expert himself shared the tip on his podcast this week and it could save you thousands of pounds.

Martin Lewis urgent warning for anyone going on holiday

Speaking on his latest episode of the BBC 5 Live show The Martin Lewis Podcast, Martin shared his top 10 holiday tips for those going abroad this summer.

He said: “We’re amidst a cost of living crisis, so money is likely to be tight for many.

“Now the best way to keep costs down when you’re on holiday isn’t to just try and sort it whilst you’re there – it’s all about pre-preparation, as last minute action adds the pounds and the pressure.”

Martin’s first tip is for every member of the family to check their passport, he said this is “crucial”.

He explained: “Crucially, get your passport out and the passport of every member of the family who is going to be travelling and check it is under 10 years old on the day you enter the country.

“You also need to check it’s got at least six months left on the day that you enter.”

If you’re in a position where your passport doesn’t meet these requirements you’ll need to look up the rules for the specific country you’re going to.

“It’s no longer just as simple as if your passport still valid they will let you in – even in the EU since Brexit some countries require you to have 3 months left on your passport before you go,” Martin added.

The UK passport office recommends allowing up to 10 weeks to get a new passport but Martin said he has heard other say it is taking longer.

While some get it even quicker, within days sometimes.

Martin warned to check if your passport is valid “as soon as you possibly can”.

He urged listeners to remember the two key terms – under 10 years old on the day that you enter and that you’ve got at least six weeks left from the day that you enter.

He said: “I’ve heard it many times, people being turned back before they get on the plane and other who’ve flown – which is even worse – got to the other side, going through passport control in the country they’re entering and they’re told you can’t come in your passport isn’t valid.”

The argument it’s got two months left “just doesn’t wash” when you’re at those security gates, he warned.

Doing these checks and making sure your passport is wholly up to date could be the difference in wasting thousands of pounds on a holiday you can’t even go on.

Another of Martin’s tips for holidaymakers this year is to check if the hotel or car hire you have booked now cheaper than when you booked.

This is a handy thing to know if your booking allowed for free cancellation, so you could swap to a better deal.

He recommends using comparison sites like SkyScanner, TripAdvisor, Trivago and Kayak.

Martin revealed that a fan who had used this tip had managed to save over £1,000 after re-booking a different hotel.

Martin’s third tip is to a bag yourself a special travel money card to save the sterling charge when you’re travelling abroad.

Meanwhile, holidaymakers have been hit with a warning over extra airport charges adding to their bills.

Plus, a man shared how one of Martin’s tips helped him save £2,000 on his holiday.

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